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Leaves are to plants what lungs are to animals.

She is pleased with her new dress.

I've seen him naked before.


What time does the market open?

Edgar had a strange look on his face.

His mind kept running on his dead child.

I have an acquaintance with her.

Aren't you selling this at a discount price?

Won't you please stay a little bit longer?

It is not a watch.

I regret what happened to Guido.

She was reluctant to marry him.


What do you want to hear?

I am planning on studying and playing the flute by turns.

What's the highest mountain in the world?

The laboratory is experimenting with a new chemical.

Julie didn't know what language Pradeep's friends were speaking, but he thought it might be French.

Diana made some extra money by renting one of his rooms to a college student.

That girl is very attractive.

Claudia and Drew are very happy together.

The pie is fresh.

Gypsy is at school.

He was sick, so he couldn't come.


I know all the numbers, colors and things at home by heart.

One for all, and all for one, this is our motto.

What I really want to do is to ask Simon for a divorce.

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We haven't done enough.

I'm sitting on a very small chair.

Why didn't she come yesterday?


She's disgusted with the job.


It makes no difference who I meet.


How are you learning Esperanto?


I don't want Israel to die.

I know about the job.

This order is to be obeyed to the letter.

I won't discuss this with them.

Can I have some salsa with that?


He has a great fondness for music.

I used to run at high school.

I think it might rain this afternoon.

I remember the letter.

Xueyou's hand is holding a map of Beijing.

He was sitting next to me.

Go the fuck away!

It is rumored that he gone bankrupt.

Aren't you a little young to be a doctor?

She is a local government officer.

I got bitten by mosquitoes.

Can't anyone take Jarl's place?

I wouldn't go out with her even if she's the only girl in the world!

What if the good guys were really the bad guys?

That's only my personal opinion.

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Three civilians were also killed.

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This room is anything but warm.

They soon arrived at the station on the moon.

Why are textbooks so expensive?

After the thorough plundering of the town, its people had no riches and no goods left.

I knew you'd have a good time.

Meet me tonight.

I was interviewed for a job.

I thought the concert went pretty well.

This is tofu.


I didn't see either boy.

You've made us proud.

They came early so they wouldn't miss the prelude.

Pilar's stuff is everywhere.

I would never do it again.

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One has to forget this bad year.

Sally is working on the car.

The only way to increase happiness in the world is to divide it up.

Can you touch your toes without bending your legs?

Bucky speaks French fairly well, doesn't he?


The alert officer perceived a dim shape in the distance.

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Can I take my shirt off?


A messenger follows a stone.

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Why would I do all that?

There are no victims.

I suspect that Ralf knows this already.

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Many buildings burned to the ground.

I dislike to translate Mr Smith's letters. I can't even understand his French.

Fill the bucket with water.

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It is not clear what the writer is trying to say.

This app will let you sync your photos and music between all your devices.

What's your father's name?

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A dog does not take money for his trot.

Do as the other newspapers do!

What is the word 'pine cones' in your native language?

My feet started sticking in the muddy street. I nearly fell down.

Kikki wondered if he had enough firewood to make it through the winter.

It'll definitely rain.

He looked up at the sky.


They broke off their engagement.

Let's meet at Shibuya Station at six.

I'll cook you dinner.


The three of them were the only ones to apologize to her.

You have to get up early.

You are German?

Fill in your name and address.

I could never do that to them.


Only Nils would use the purchase of a new TV as an excuse to throw a party.

Gambling site lets users bet on which species will go extinct because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Next year I'm going to America.


It's my life.

Novo doesn't drink a lot.

I have been very busy with the exams!

Jackye couldn't believe that Ned didn't want to go to the dance with him.

The red lines on the map represent a railway.


I don't believe she would understand.


She was right in the middle of cutting cucumbers.


Come inside and have something to eat.

I'm glad it was you.

Tricia didn't know that Marilyn was already dead.

I haven't eaten anything substantial in 48 hours.

They're a big, happy family.

Stop putting on an act.

The giant plane screamed down in an almost vertical dive.

You bought things you didn't need again.

The chairman should take the minority opinion into account.

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Just tell her what you need.

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We're so ready for something new.


The scientist is famous not only in Japan but also in foreign countries.


I do not support the theory that one has to study Latin in order to understand English better.

We'll talk about it in a few days.

She sat down and crossed her legs.

You'll fatten up if you eat that much.

We are so happy.

I have a dentist appointment on Monday.

Why did you yell?

Her beauty drew his attention.

Don't bother looking for me.

They can't fire you.

Everyone knew everybody else.

I had a good time during the trip.

Keep your eye on her.

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I just made it under the wire.


When we were young, we never got along too well, did we?

His lips were pale.

Victor and Jacobson made eye contact.


Nou came to the rescue.

You must bring home to him the importance of the matter.

Is the coach frustrated?

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It could be big trouble.

This will cost about 10 thousand yen.

The top of the mountain was covered in snow.


When I looked at her, she smiled at me.

Howard wears silk neckties.

I've never met anybody like you.

I thought Margie did pretty well.

The cat curled up in front of the fire.

I just might do that.

I wonder why he didn't eat the apple that fell on his head.

The child wouldn't say 'yes'.

He's very timid.


Who is your favorite female character in "War and Peace"?

He tried to choke him.

I don't feel like getting up.


Sign here, please.

There are still a lot of things to do.

When you feel tired, there is nothing like having a bath.

If I were to tell him the truth, he would be angry.

The doctor is taking the patient's pulse.