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Badlion Client 2.3 - Big Things To Come
Da (360) 597-3769 il 07 novembre 2018 - 07:00 Views (4090) | Comments (19)

Hello there. Today I am happy to share our latest work on the Badlion Client. There are a few improvements that we have managed to get into Badlion Client 2.3. We are hard at work on some larger objectives for the client which we hope to reveal some information about soon for Badlion Client 2.4 (scheduled for release in mid-December).

Let's dive into the patch notes!

New Flame Wings


Our first new pair of wings in 3 months is the Flame Wings! We spent a lot of time to try and make these feel as smooth and as nice as possible. If you want to help support the Badlion Client development while looking cool at the same time, check out our store:


Perspective Mod

A huge request from the community h…
Badlion Client 2.2 - The Next Big Step Forward
Da 204-276-8223 il 28 settembre 2018 - 07:00 Views (27525) | Comments (46)

Hello there.

I am super excited to share with the community the latest update to the Badlion Client, Badlion Client 2.2! This is our best update yet in my opinion yet. It really focuses a lot on (1) New features (2) Polishing the client (3) Bug fixes of course.

I just want to make a quick note here while you are still paying attention. Going forward we are planning on switching our release cycle to be roughly six weeks (minus bug fixes for the latest update). We feel that this will give us enough time to make a significant update to the client each time we roll one out.

Insiders will still get more frequent updates as we slowly add features to the next update. If you are interested in trying out features early and testing them, check out the Insider rank on our store 7858658714

Now into the patch notes!

HWID Bans Now Only for BAC Servers

With Badlion Client 2.2 we have gone about changing our policy for HWID Bans and when and where they should be used. We are removing the restriction today for using the Bad…
Badlion Client Ban Policy Update
Da (910) 829-0543 il 27 settembre 2018 - 05:00 Views (1699) | Comments (1)

This is a quick informative post that we are making a few improvements to how we detect cheats on the Badlion Client and as a result. Depending on the type of cheat you are running, you might get banned for running it while on a BAC server, or you might only get banned if you are using the cheat while on a BAC server. Due to the improvements made recently to BAC, we are able to now better detect if someone is actively using a cheat while playing on a BAC server.

As a result of the changes, we are unbanning some users who were banned for running cheats while on a BAC server, but never actually used the cheats while playing on that BAC server.

As a reminder to everyone, if you don't want to deal with the possibility of being banned by BAC in the first place, don't cheat! 100% effective against BAC bans.

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