Rodney and I had an agreement.


Rajendra spent all weekend doing an assignment that was due by Monday.


Yoshino is a place famous for its cherry blossoms.

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I didn't do my best.

Vicky said he was an artist.

Ro asked Kevin a few questions that she couldn't answer, but she was able to answer most of his questions.

Jun arrived in the office to find the police waiting for him.

I wish my family was happy like yours.


Was Ruth still there?


We went to the Asian supermarket.

Mara and Guillermo decided to go out together.

Dylan is extremely resourceful.


I wonder what they're planning.

It won't be long before he can play baseball again.

Let's drink this beer.

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I had to get away from Boston.

Do you ever think about death?

No, it gains ten minutes a day.


I don't make a lot of money.

He searched his bag for his car key.

Delbert and I have been close friends for a long time.

We haven't discussed that yet.

They believe in Marxism and don't believe in religion.

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Cory is all grown up.

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Can't you wait just ten more minutes?

You lost count, didn't you?

I took Edwin to the hospital.

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You're being rewarded.

To put it briefly it's your fault.

Let's enjoy ourselves to our heart's content.


Nadeem is zealous, isn't he?

It is a pity that you can't join us.

Hein can sing very well.

We're hoping to find a solution to the problem soon.

His mother didn't want to do it.

We skirted green hills, which sparkled in the first rays of sunshine.

I don't want to talk about that, OK?


We couldn't understand what the baby was trying to say.

Piet is getting serious.

Fasten your seatbelts.

Some day we'll take a trip to India.

Lars acted like he knew everything.

This is so embarrassing.

I spoke to him in English, but I couldn't make myself understood.

I saw Kyu out of the corner of my eye.

We use words to communicate.

Let's go and surprise them.

Who's that man standing over there?

You will remain silent until further instructed.

My mother loves me.

I may know her.

Cows supply us with milk.


She lost her only son in the traffic accident.


I can't control what'll happen.

Helge knows a lot about Mosur.

people believe that the whale possesses an intelligence comparable to man's

Thousands of people were deceived by the advertisement.

I should've told them sooner.


During Obon there is much confusion at train stations.

I have just eaten lunch.

On further examination of the report, it was clear that the devil was in the detail.


Nine pounds of gold was needed to gild the victory medals.


Pierette needed money.

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He can't maintain a conversation.


I dialed Rathnakumar's number.

Jason doesn't have a penny to his name.

May I have your attention, please?

Let's offer it to her.

Louie and Brandon were both exhausted.

These ideas look great on paper, but never work out in the real world.

Who's your favorite Japanese singer?


Our plan worked.

Sanand grabbed Shai to keep her from falling.

Stephanie was really drunk last night.


I'd like to meet Clifford if I could.


Elliot told us why.

Do you think I should tell Derek how I feel?

Many kinds of flowers come out in the middle of April.

I've already got plans.

My mother really loves tea.


Add it to the list.

I have a dictionary.

I wish I could speak French.

I wonder how long Sassan has been sitting there.

Baby birds generally can't take to the air until they are several weeks old.

Randolph did his best to find a reason to stay.

I'm not taking anyone with me.

They asked us for advice.

Jane will be excited to see the flowers.


I hope you can come up with a better plan than this.

The road dips suddenly.

It seemed pretty quiet.

We should use the electric blankets tonight.

Janet must be on cloud nine.


Did I miss the party?

I was shocked to see it.

I learn a lot from my father.


It's a Chinese company.

A form appeared from over there.

Until when are you staying?

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It can be a little confusing.

Kerry is the only one who seems to be enjoying himself.

I'm already sick.

My father caught me by the arm.

What do you think it's worth?


I've been calling you for hours.

Murat doesn't mind being told what to do.

He said the treaty must be approved as written.

If he wins he will gain self-confidence.

One thing I've always wanted to do is learn how to cook like you.


Say hello to him for me.

I have plenty of time, so I can sleep for a while?

Kelly will appear on TV.

This is so pathetic.

For every action, there is a corresponding reaction.

I am on your side.

Tell her that I am joking with her.


The mortality rate per 1000 live births are set out in figure 13.1.

Maureen didn't say anything about himself.

How does a calculator do math?


All right, I will do it again.

It's a dream job.

This is the house where she is living.


She was the only survivor.

Polyphemus, the son of Neptune, had one eye in his forehead.

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.


Todd is a bit disoriented.

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Why do you talk about him as if he were an old man?


I don't want to forget Herbert's face.

If you want to ask a question, please put your hand up.

The patient's condition changes from day to day.

Don't speak to me about Gail. We're on bad terms.

I held the conch to my ear and heard the ocean inside.

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I'd like to buy everyone a round.


I'm almost certain that Nanda will get into the university of his choice.

Tell me everything you know about her.

The place was crowded.

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You can take either road.

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They wanted to know everything about Krzysztof.

That sounds interesting.

Her parents hate him.

We're going to need a little help.

I often remember the place where we met each other.

I thought you wanted to call your wife.

Bjorne's unstable.

I've had black rice congee thrice in one day!

Everyone burst into laughter.

We're not cowards.

I never tried to butt in.

They communicated with the Western countries.

The teacher marvelled at my response.

The novelist wrote several romances.

Vadim learned French while living in Quebec.

We're going to find out what needs to be done.

The cat's ear swiveled in the direction of the noise.

His eyes were as red burning coals; long grey hair fell over his shoulders in matted coils; his garments, which were of antique cut, were soiled and ragged, and from his wrists and ankles hung heavy manacles and rusty gyves.

Sridharan told Jeffrey to wait a little longer.

I'd like to meet Frances sometime.

You'll like this.