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About Swayantra: Swayantra is a Security

Swayantra is a highly reliable, safe and real-time gated community security management system that helps to automate the visitor management, staff entry and vendor management. It is a free Application available for both Android and iOS.

Swayantra does not involve any hardware installation. It is ready to use from the day one of its installation.

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Swayantra is a cloud based real time application that helps to increase physical security compliances. It does away the need of biometrics, RFIDs and other costly hardwares. Swayantra provides a simple, secure and efficient way to automate the security with single point of contact. In future, Swayantra will be one central hub for all the Home automation.

Smart security Notifications

Get instant and real time notification for visitor entry on your phone via Swayantra.

Easy Guest Authorization

Whosoever guests come in, just pre-authorize them and be worry free.

Virtual Connect

Swayantra does not depend on the physical hardware for communication.

Attendance Management

Provides the attendance of staff in real time with a detailed view.

Smooth Vehicle tracking

Swayantra keeps track of all the vehicles coming in the society, it doesn’t need any RFID.

Central Dashboard

Dedicated dashboard for reporting and management.

Domestic Help Management

Get instant notification about the domestic staff entering the compound.

Profile Management

Swayantra keeps track of all the staff and domestic help, so that you can easily and efficiently manage them.

Easy Onboards

Complete on boarding is done in 24 hours.

APP Features

Maintains all the records digitally.

Notifies when your visitor reaches your security gate.

Provide reports on your visitor traffic.

Manages all the information from a single Admin Console.

Does away the need of registers at the security gates.

Capture photos of visitors.

Easily tracks the movement of community staff and domestic help.

Stop unwanted guests from entering the community.

Pre-register visitors for instant access at the gates.

Resolution of issues within 24 hours.

Stores all the resident data securely.

Reduces the bottleneck at the gates by removing the wait-time.

Easy to use and intuitive.

Provides information of the staff currently working in the community.

Does not expose phone numbers without explicit permissions.

Provides reports in the format of your choice.

Available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Provides information on Entry/Exit in real time.

Can be set up and launched in a day (subject to availability of data).

Reach all the emergency contacts in 2 taps.

The App is designed after researching societies across India, especially in Metro cities. This App helps to automate the process by making it Smarter, Safer & Secure. We are leveraging mobile technology and smartphones penetration to make it real time and hassle-free process.

Smarter: Use of smartphones with mobile technology makes it effective and smarter way of visitor management.

Safer: The App makes the process more reliable and safer. It also reduces the verification time for visitors & increases convenience for visitors & security personnel.

Secure: The use of technology with high mobility makes the entire process smarter, safer and hence, secure.

This technology automates the visitor management process and ultimately, reduces the time taken by the security guards to make the entries and verify the visitors.

The application comes with many features that enables the signing of visitor very simple and signals the end of paper based visitor log registers.