We were really surprised.

Rich wasn't his usual self today.

Kiki is the one responsible for this, isn't he?

We learned Russian instead of French.

The criminal tried to make Kamiya's death look like an accident.

The doctor told me to avoid certain foods.

He came home safe.

They're lesbians.

They accomplished their mission.

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Whom did he have in mind?


Maybe it's time to tell him.

Marsha was astonished.

This is an issue where there is a little bit of space between your position and my own.

There's no problem at all.

Anyhow, he may now be in Paris.


Examine it.


Heaven forbid!

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According to the news, he was eaten by sharks.

I would think that Donne would appreciate your help.

Her question is very hard to answer.

Students study in school.

Yesterday morning he went back to Rotterdam.

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She kept that secret from nearly everyone.

This was her first novel.

I have a bad bite.

Kristi is a winemaker.

I wish I had a lot more money.


Magicians jealously guard their secrets.


Shirley looked deeply into Naomi's eyes and smiled.

A light-year is a unit of distance. It is the distance that light can travel in one year.

Wendi is still trying to find a job.

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His pessimism depressed those around him.

I have to talk to them now.

Cliff's cooking was more delicious than I expected.

Pilot looked at the poster.

What a beautiful dive!

He finished the race.

She poked her nose into her sister's business.

To calculate the volume, multiply the length by the width by the depth.

Juri put his goggles back on.

She agreed with him that I should go to the meeting.

Phil likes me more than he likes you.

You are incredibly naive.

She is on friendly terms with him.

He can run so fast!

He was accused of stealing money.

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Let's make clear which is right and which is wrong.

All hell is breaking loose!

I would as soon walk as take a taxi.

I want to write this down.

Cristi doesn't act like the typical college professor.


Money is important in this way.

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We'll all be there together.

Our school beat Keio at baseball.

Let's go shopping downtown.

Just be careful.

I ate a slice of Baumkuchen.


St Paul's Cathedral was designed by Christopher Wren.

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Alan jumped off the diving board.

Tell me about your dreams.

I don't like working here.

His reelection seems sure.

It will be far better if there were some pretty girls.

Thousands protested against what they believed was moral bankruptcy in politics.

They have one too.

It must have cost a fortune.

You're unenthusiastic.

We were all young once.

Everybody agreed with his idea.

How did the trip go?

I'm letting you go.

The journey that brought me here is almost unbelievable.

I haven't actually told Isaac yet.

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I lost the bet.

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She tells him to give her all of his salary and he does.

You'd rather translate sentences than chat with me.

So what's the big hurry now?

You will not persuade her with these words.

No one can do anything.

I would like to thank you in advance for the information.

Give me some skin!

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He testified that no money changed hands at the meeting.

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The students acted in an inappropriate manner.


Come on, let's get breakfast.

I'm an amoeba.

I'm a little shook up.

Women talk about trivial things when talking with men.

I want to improve my Tagalog.


Why do you want to go away?

I wrote this letter in French.

I've baked a cake for you.


Transparency in government is a key component of a democracy. Ensuring that the public has access to government information both builds public trust in government decision-making and allows the public to hold government accountable for those decisions.


The best way to learn a language is to live in a country where it's spoken.

Dan's car was found outside a pub.

Morton, you have really taught me many things.

We have been on bad terms with each other for a long time.

His sad story touched my heart.

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"What's this?" asked Tony.

Where can I get tickets to a play?

Fair, later cloudy.


I wish I could have spoken more English.


Do you live in this neighborhood?


I thought Ralph was having a party.

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My feet are always cold.

How come are you still not sleeping?

They will insist on her staying there longer.

Let's call each other in a day or two.

I'm not allowed to talk.

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Okay. Sorry.

A pair of sparrows is building a nest on the terrace at my house.

They were angry about several things.


We spent the entire day on the beach.


Their sizes are much the same.


His permanent tooth is coming in behind his baby tooth.

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The dictionary is incomplete. It only goes to the letter J.

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Everybody rushed towards us.

We'll find some other way to do that.

Children should be taught not to tell lies.

My head really hurts.

He made a speech that supported my opinions.

I told them I was fine.

I can't take your whining anymore!


The severe housing shortage is partly to blame for the inflated rents.

That was a close one.

The price does not include the case.


We are liable for the damage.

Stanly told Rajendra that she shouldn't walk alone after dark.

The housing situation shows no hope of improvement.

We have been completely cornered.

The prince fell in love with a simple peasant girl and married her.

Juha was singing.

Leslie is getting better day by day.

There were not more than ten customers in the shop.

The company earned $300 million on sales of $4,000 million.

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It never really came up.

Why did you put leek in the soup? You know I don't like it.

Many women pursue higher education and careers, thus delaying marriage and childbirth.

It is dangerous to bathe in this river.

The children soon fell asleep.


If Rusty is tired, let him go to bed.

I'm not in a mood to eat right now.

Whip him until he confesses.

If he keeps threatening you, then you should go to the police.

That's what's wrong with you.

It could be fatal.

He is a good swimmer and also plays tennis well.

I'd advise you to let Isaac go.

Irving, answer the door.


The simplest atom is hydrogen.

I lived in Rome.

Do you have a brother, Ana?


Today is Friday.

Overpopulation is the problem.

I need to go home.

If it had not been for his advice, I might have failed.

He is able to play the flute.

Are you brave?

What is that?

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They drained their glasses.