What a cute couple!

I saw the look of terror in Suzan's eyes.

I was partnered with him in tennis.

We got there at the same time.


I found a piece of paper in the room.

I'll go to Boston next summer to visit Monty.

When Oliver started driving, it seemed that he didn't understand the risks involved.

There can be no enduring peace in the Middle East as long as Washington's neocons continue to run US foreign policy.

It's written in Geeta: Fulfill your duties, without the desire of its fruit.


You've got to do what Spyros told you to do.

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Where are you hiding now?

Smart people can pretend to be dumb. The opposite is more difficult.

None of us are giving up on you.

I should have left earlier.

I'm not sure I understand what Allan meant.

I'm not busy now.

I am harvesting rye.

I am not your love.

We moved into this house last month, but we still haven't settled down.


They had a dent in the rear door.

Bill and his younger brother are nothing alike.

It is more than ten years since we came to live here.

Please introduce me to them.

Everyone worked very hard.

You're not going to do it, I hope.

I'll try to be a better dad to you from here on.

He is playing music.

This is definitely not what I had in mind.


I want to go with you.


Give me that book, please.

The young man manages a big department store.

I didn't know that was legal.

The mouse ran under the bed.

I like dewberries.

That's my answer!

That costs 30 euros.

Ice skating can be graceful and beautiful.

There were some managers who complained about him becoming the president of the company.

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A more experienced lawyer would have dealt with the case in a different way.


He wasn't able to reach his goal.

No matter what you do you must always do it to the best of your ability.

I see the person and the flower.

I feel at ease around him.

I have turned 20.


We're attempting to correct the problem.


I study hard at school.

She lives alone.

My feet went to sleep and I couldn't stand up.


I never called Ira an idiot.


The conditions were difficult.

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We have two ears.

You should not trust him.

We shouldn't have left Steven alone in the garage.


I hope to participate.

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Misery loves company.

We have to memorize this poem by the next class.

The lion eats the meat.

The young people are fed up with the politics of this country.

She's an ungrateful child.

I feel very sorry that I had put them to so much trouble.

The road was quite muddy, and, what is worse, it began to rain.

I wish there were more African languages in Tatoeba.

You are exaggerating the problem.

He is alive with enthusiasm.

He's got two cats, one white and one black.

What are you suggesting?

If Guillermo could lie about that, she is likely to lie about anything.

I speak Korean.

Cristina couldn't shake the feeling that something profound was about to happened.

Phill was up when Sergeant came home.

I needed some help.


We all know that it's better to keep early hours.


I set out early so as to catch the first train.

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It was very good.


Takao just walked in the door.

I know what I'm supposed to do.

Einstein loved playing the violin.

I thought about all the times we used to play together as kids.

Just then the phone rang.

When will it be ready?

I still think Edward will win.

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Astronauts prepare for spacewalks by practicing their tasks underwater in a giant pool called NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.

Lorien went into his dressing room.

Sal had never seen any of them before.

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It's not rocket science.


Everyone turned to look at them.

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How can you do this?

Marci weighs a lot more than Bobby.

I don't want to take my medicines.

I don't need to go to the doctor.

She left the office immediately after work.

The emerging labor shortage is viewed as a sign of economic overheating.

I spoke with her for an hour.

I had dinner with them.

Anthony wants some privacy.

She sounded a little disappointed.

I don't like how he laughs.

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You're so efficient.

I guess I'm a little nervous.

No news has come in from anywhere.

Duane sat back and smiled.

I hope Art comes as well.

They're friends of yours, aren't they?

That dog runs so fast!

Let them try.

Joyce is quite superficial.


He seems to be very happy.


If science makes progress, we'll be able to solve such problems.

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That is the thing that concerns you.

Angela groaned.

I have all my suits made to order.

I've been wanting to do that all day.

Eisenhower was elected in November 1952.

We have to leave here at once.

He tried to approach her using every possible means.

We are glad to have you in our class.

He got angry to hear the news.

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Finally, What did you buy the last day?

She insisted on going there.

Forget your birthday? Perish the thought.


She asked me if I loved her.

Trey must be getting used to this by now.

Meeks didn't know anyone who could speak French.


It worked well.

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They extended a rope from tree to tree.

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The man looks into the mirror, the mirror looks into him.


Grant had never been able to make much money.

The came with kit and caboodle.

I'm going to miss your cooking.

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Sugih is a bit snobbish.

God! What a beard you have! You look terrible! You're going to scare away the children.

Today, Tokyo will get very cold.


You need not have bought the book.

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My driver's license is valid for three more years.

I'm sitting on a very small chair.

Think about what you want.

He turned into the finest inn, ordered the best chamber and his favourite dinner; for now that he had so much money he was really rich.

The train arrived in London.

We have shut the door.

This year is two thousand eleven.


Bradford has already done that.


So it isn't new.

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You will lose your position if you don't keep your temper.

Stay with him.

Is it all right to go?

Japan's inflation-adjusted GNP growth rate was 5%.

You could hear a pin drop in the room.

Put out the light and go to bed.

Your mother must have been very disappointed.

What accounts for these symptoms hasn't been discovered yet.

Past thinking and methods did not prevent world wars. Future thinking must prevent wars.

Kathy didn't suffer from dizziness.

Let me try something else.

Mr Nakajima can, as well as English, speak fluent German.

My legs are smaller than yours.

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Sandra opened his eyes and looked around.

This description is too abstract.

You said something was going on.

We are going to defend our country.

Caleb told me you were helpful.