We were the first to arrive.

Had you seen snow before you came to this town?

"Certainly if someone is _that_ beautiful you'd draw back from approaching her." "Thought you'd agree."

I'm glad everything worked out.

Send him home.

I felt the earth shake under my feet.

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I am very much pleased with my new maid.

I covered her with kisses and tears.

One fourth of the world's carbon dioxide emissions are from the United States. Its per-capita emissions are also the highest in the world.


I'd rather die than leave.

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Syed's boots sank deep into the snow.

We hoped you'd forget.

His face expresses joy.


Thinking about it still makes me angry.

Daniele spent thirty years in prison.

Rajiv hasn't had the chance to do that yet.

Sometimes I walk to work, and sometimes I ride my bike, because I live very close to work.

Do you think they'll be offended?

What can I do for you?

We don't advertise.

The general commanded them to move on.

I hope Skeeter doesn't die.

We know what happened.

I want you to think about what might happen.

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Seen from a distance, the rock looked like an old castle.

I'm glad that you could make it.

What is it you have against Vaughn?


He broke his promise, which was a big mistake.

He intends to visit his uncle.

It's valid until March thirty-first, nineteen-ninety-seven.

We're even.

She's neither in the kitchen nor in the living room.


We fight all the time.

He stole my purse from me.

I think Rodney is too old for me.


Part lives in a small town in the Bavarian Alps.


I'll never help you.


What are we dealing with here?

She was a great help to me.

I think Monica is insane.

The old bridge is in danger of collapse.

Can I have everyone's attention please?

It sure is convenient.

While they were all amusing themselves, a great sledge came by; it was painted white, and in it sat some one wrapped in a rough white fur, and wearing a white cap.


How's Nadeem handling it?

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We saw one once.

Your job hangs by a thread.

I think that's hogwash.


I really want to see him today.

This is my old bicycle.

He explained the literal meaning of the sentence.


Boyce had it coming.

Give him a sword so he won't be killed.

You're quicker than me.


I'm just getting started.

I can't say I'm sorry.

I'm not sure what you're asking me.

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I need you to back me up.

Ernest said the crowd was huge.

She cremated him within 24 hours of his death.

I can't wait to see you again.

Why didn't you tell us you were pregnant?

He is only twenty six years old and already managing large companies.

They were kids.

The streets are brightly lit.

Be a sport and wake me up tomorrow at six o'clock in the morning.


The government of the State will invest more than R$ 100 million a year.


"This is very amusing," thought the devil.

Sarah appeared and shot John.

Don't you think I'm more qualified?

Was there a book on the desk?

Is eating organic food worth the money?


I can understand your position.

The Mozilla Foundation released the latest version of its email/news-client software, "Thunderbird" on May 1st.

He met her while on holiday in Italy.

What happened to the Sphinx's nose?

You borrow jewels from your friends.

We were looking at the fire burning brightly.

I never even saw Deborah.


He collected a lot of stamps.

You really made me lose face.

Shane's the best.

Are you their mother?

I would like to book a bedroom.

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The song appealed to young people.


Cristina is an actor.

That attitude of his is quite disgusting.

He went off to the People's Square or somewhere thereabouts.

Knapper knew that Vern was awake.

Why didn't you get undressed yet?

I walked as slowly as I could.

The square of nine is eighty-one.


We spent the afternoon cleaning our gear.


They told me I had to sit in the back of the bus.

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Could you give me a new dish of these?


They made him captain of the team.

I'll make this very brief.

Roberto has a bad cold.


You think Buddhism is something very far away.


Tuan asked me to help find Sam.

The doctor wants Sehyo to slim down a little.

I'll sue you.

I want you to stay right here.

As the saying goes: Speech is silver, silence is gold.


I have full confidence in your abilities.


We've been given another chance.

The method hasn't been perfected yet.

What was our deal?

We'll start as soon as it stops raining.

Have you ever scolded your daughter?

On Friday I go to the market to get some potatoes and eggs.

I acted without thinking.

He was there on business.

If you want to get a long-drawn benefit from this book, don't think once skimming the cream is enough for that.

Some people seldom speak unless they're spoken to.

Sally already has plans for this weekend.

We have to do something about that.

The teacher handles his pupils well.

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You must be patient.

Put on a robe.

How did that make you feel?


I'll meet you at the ball park.

Me too.

I challenged her for evidence.

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I'll come as soon as possible.

That's what Terry requested.

Calvin likes to have fun.


He'll be in London about this time tomorrow.


Tell him to take a seat.


Naren has already crossed the street.

She went to school in spite of the pain in her right leg.

Those two are friends.


I got an email from Gordon yesterday, but I haven't yet replied.

How did you help them?

This reminds me of a girl.

He played an important part in the enterprise.

She refused all proposals of marriage.


They robbed Jim of everything he had.

Do you feel like going to a concert?

They reported the ship to be ten kilometers from shore.

The pears we eat in Japan look almost like apples.

Rafael is easy to see through.

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Rubber is not hard: it gives way to pressure.

I can't quite place his accent.

You should grow facial hair.

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My driving instructor says that I need to be more patient.

The poor widow with her two young children - herself an orphan - struggled bravely for a while against the fearful tide of adversity.

I think you'll like it too.

The hospital quarantined the infected patients to avoid cross infection.

Remember to mail the letter.

As they say, you've got to strike while the iron's hot. You're not going to have another chance like this one.

She misled a customer.

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As much as I tried, I never managed to beat the final boss.


I had three options.

It was an immediate success.

I can't get my money back.

He didn't succeed in explaining what he wanted.

She can make all her own clothes.