She accommodated her schedule to his.

That will be discussed later.

You're busy today, aren't you?

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Please remember to put out the cat before you go to bed.

The solution of one may prove to be the solution of the other.

Moran enjoys playing the flute.

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Could we sit?


Most public places are simply not geared to people with disabilities.

I didn't get the message.

She doesn't want to wait for you.

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Nancy has a hold on her husband.

Why aren't you dressed?

Meeks said he wasn't offended.

Do you realize how late it's gotten?

What language do you usually speak?

I read only detective novels.

In my country people cannot stand those who are more intelligent than they are.


Do you want to look at this?

He can run faster than I.

I'm very underwhelmed. This is nowhere near what I was hoping for.

I need you to tell me about the problem.

The space hotel was luxurious with all the chandeliers in the grand lobby where a magnificent staircase led to the fabulous dining area.

I don't like to guess.

Give it everything you've got.

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You'll find out that at the end of the program.

You probably don't have as much time as I do.

Catherine isn't in the mood for this.

That idea never presented itself to me.

I can't talk to girls.


Mr White is in charge of our class.


I don't have time to do everything I want to do.

You need to talk to Ritalynne.

I heard that you're not coming.

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The baseball game was called off on account of the rain.

The taller a tree is, the harder it is to climb.

Even spending just ten minutes a day on this website will be beneficial.

Pierce answered right away.

Piercarlo is probably on a plane.

Clayton said he needed some time to work things out.

I shall never tell it to anybody.


We didn't see anything.


Van was afraid of Rafik's temper.


He is richer than anyone else in this town.

Can you give Peggy another chance?

He's wearing a kilt.

You helped her, didn't you?

Precognition is the act of using spiritual-power to know things that will occur in the future.

Even a little boy knows this.

Hey, I was wrong.

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Annard chuckled at Pratap's joke.

A lawyer is a person who prevents someone else from getting your money.

Leadership requires to manage men, but demands to reach compromises.

Is it safe to skate on this lake?

Come on over here, Dan.

He wants an iPad.

I figure that she will succeed in her business.

Pinocchio was greatly afraid of thunder and lightning, but the hunger he felt was far greater than his fear.

Now give attention to what I am going to say.

Jerome didn't want to disappoint his father.

You should see what I found.

Besides the piano, can you play any other instruments?

She is lazy.

I never wash the dishes unless my mother tells me to.

Where on earth was I?


I need your help to get out of here.

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Hydraulic fracturing makes use of high-pressure water to create cracks in hydrocarbon-bearing shale.

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He has a lot of poise.

Francis has already gone to bed.

You were kind to help me.


What's this used for?

I had to let her win.

Can I leave him a message?

Only a few people around here speak any English.

Seenu was asked by Tanya to leave the room.


Sidney didn't know who Kelly's father was.


Do you have children already?


Jennifer told Blair that he was Canadian.

Global warming will change the patterns of the weather world-wide.

Stand up straight. Slouching is bad for you.

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It got dark and I was at loss what to do.


I sell computers.


We're aware of the situation.

Shall we pack everything together?

Keep your eyes on the road.


The opportunity was grasped at immediately.

Looks are important.

Well, what do you want to do?

The young one can walk.

Someone threw a rock at them.

She had my mother take care of the baby.

I need to make a copy.

When her husband died, she felt like killing herself.

"Are you OK?" "I'm fine!"

In addition, to about 30,000 yen, the wallet contained his driver's license.

You're late.


I used to live close to Nicolette.

She's busy now and can't speak to you.

I told Stanley that I agreed with him.

Kenton probably should go home now.

You need to have breakfast.

Hy finished the job in three hours.

You study English.


Is there a pharmacy nearby?

She had an out-of-body experience.

What do they know that we don't?


I went there for the express purpose of earning money.

Do you like Indonesian food?

I am able to read English.

Your kidneys are doing fine.

Randell made a lot of money in the stock market.

We want to modify the regulations of our school.

It was the increase in population that caused the poverty.

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It looks good.

She's cute and fun.

I don't like you that much.

Are you good at remembering faces?

I acted without thinking.


Who's your favorite poet?

I was surprised at this news.

She's an intelligent young woman.

Come on, Caleb. Let's go home.

Sorrel didn't have much choice.


We have pictures.

She and I have nothing in common.

Mr Kennedy pointed out our mistakes.

Which way did she go?

Is your brother's name Alexei?

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Elric has to act now.

We don't owe Alain anything.

In brief, if the individual accepts the values of democracy, he must also accept the responsibilities of democracy.

I feel like I've been here before.

Audrey entered the office carrying an armload of mail.


The next night, I did not sleep well.

You can't abandon Allan.

We learned as much as possible about their culture before visiting them.

It's a short walk.

The smoke ascended into the air.

For studying abroad, I can't decide whether I should go to Australia or Canada.

She used to play basketball.

Who has eaten all the cookies?

Mahmoud talked about school.

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I told you to stay away.


I talked with him.

This knot will not hold.

I'm so bad at it.

The factory has been lying idle for a year.

I liked that movie.


There's nothing you could've done to prevent that from happening.

He's two years older than me, but he's shorter.

Ahmet is passive-aggressive.


I'm not sure Kate wants to go there.

Apetizers are small dishes served before a meal.

He was cleared of all charges and released yesterday.

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.

I can not bear this noise any more.

I know you'll do a fantastic job.

Jess lit a match and then lit the candle with it.

Heroin is highly addictive.

Can you explain why Daniel wasn't at the meeting?

Ninja looks relaxed and rested.

The car has been acting strangely.

We can't just leave him.

It was Sunday yesterday.