You are not in a position to defend yourself.

Where should I go to be admitted into the emergency room?

The lobby was totally empty.

Nice wheels.

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Collin doesn't blame Stephe for being mad.

I don't know what it's like yet.

I am called John.

Where is the five-legged lizard going?

Who gave you permission to do that?

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It won't be long before we know the truth.

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I hope your plan will work out.

She gets angry at trifles.

I would like to believe.

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Fire at will.


I hope we get away with this.

He is kind at heart.

I said shut up!


Can you make it go any faster?


You're looking better.

Please don't be upset.

"Can I use your car?" "Sure. Go ahead."

Herve taught me a lot of things.

Steve and Srikanth are as different as night and day.

Years of farm work have hardened his body.

We went as far as Kyoto.

I really think you'd like Eugene.

Niels wasn't sure what Page meant.

It's not likely that Jim will ever admit that he's wrong.

Pick any card.


Let's unearth the sweet potatoes.


Liza doesn't have any choice.

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You spend too much time with her.

Almost all the world condemns Hosni Mubarak because he made the Egyptian people poor.

The student is at the blackboard.


He can get more phone numbers than I.

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A lot has happened this past week.

I went there with my aunt last month.

Sunday is a holiday in Christian countries.

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Damon left Boston.


There's a pay phone over there.


My most favorite style of music is pop music.

He's a huge fan of trains.

He never comes without complaining of others.

Could somebody get Kathleen for me, please?

Let me show you an example.

We both know that's not true.

I wash my car almost every day.

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Herbert caused this mess.

Follow me and have no fear.

What else did you say to them?

This wall feels very cold.

Just let me handle this.

Jose wants to build an ostentatious and smart house.

I've been worried.


It's time to change that.

We just don't know what happened.

Your problems are similar to mine.

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Fill the bucket with water.


I will go to Hokkaido tomorrow.

Are you ready to start your journey?

I'll get to it in the morning.

I like summer the best.

He won fame by the novel.

Who was invited to the party?

Take it.

Take off your hat.

She combed her hair with her fingers.

My new class starts today.

It's warm here all the year round.

I gave Sehyo everything.

Whatever you do, do it as best you can.

Do you have everything?

I'd like a book.

The people here are well off.

Ken and his brother are very much alike.

I don't need you telling me how to do my job.

My mother is dead too.


You have to go talk to him.

In the sixteenth century Turkish and Spanish pirates often encountered in Mediterranean Sea.

Tovah couldn't go to college because his family didn't have enough money.

I try not to dwell on the past.

They moved farther away from the fire.

I don't need advisers.

He tried to cheer up his wife, but wasn't able to.

Arthur is free.

These flowers have a really nice fragrance.

Let's do that again.

He shaped the statue from clay.


How's work?

It's amazing how Vivek was able to do that with just one hand.

No running around.

It's a perfect spot for our picnic.

Emily took two wine glasses out of the cabinet.


Scientific discoveries don't always make the world a better place.

One of the committees is composed of eight members.

What have you done about fixing the car?

Others say it may even be beneficial.

Beauty is truth's smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror.

I needed a change.

Oliver has loved Jeff for a long time.

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Don't tell me you're quitting.

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We're willing to help you.

The caller refused to give us her name.

Those two are exactly alike.

The pupils absorbed all the knowledge the teacher gave them.

The rioters were like animals in the grip of a primitive frenzy.

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Who exactly are the poor in spirit?

Do you own a house in Italy?

What do you think of the lack of teachers in schools?

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One thing I don't ever want to do again is punch a time clock.

I am a part-time photographer.

This is a small book.

I doubt Nichael would agree.

We hate insects.

I don't know if you remember me.

Do you like your teachers?

I'll see if he is in.

I like to go to the movies with my friends.

Admittedly, this is an unrewarding task, but somebody has got to deal with it.

I've known Novo for about three years.

We're dedicated.

You're going to get yourself shot.

We'll use what we have.

Emma has been a good friend to me.

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I want a book to read in the train.

Night has fallen!

I was a chubby kid.

I guess after that many beers Jiri is probably very drunk.

Although Takahashi looks completely Asian, I've heard he's of mixed blood.

The zipper won't open.

I guess I should be going.


The pledge to stop smoking cigarettes ranks among the top ten New Year's resolutions year after year.

You will help me!

What was it that Amarth took out of the trunk?

It is obvious to me that he has no political acumen at all.

I baked an apple pie.


Fudge is not at all healthy, but it sure is amazingly tasty.

I don't think I need to tell you.

Do these ladies speak French?

I offered to help them move.

I think we need them.


The game had hardly started when they scored the first point.

I forgot one.

I need a tissue.


We can't send them out there.

People in Taiwan work hard.

When will we start taking lessons?


Vladislav couldn't shake the feeling that there was something wrong.

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She wished he had more time for her.

Ragnar made me clean his room.

I'm just so happy to see you.

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The ancient heroes, as we now know them, were all endowed with many virtues.

Kyu will kill again.

She walked as far as Shinjuku.

At what time did he leave?

Do not belittle his suggestions.

Ping doesn't get up as early as I do.

Let's try to treat each other with respect.

I have a watch of Japanese make, which keeps very good time.

Butler asked me questions.

I don't know what you do.

All of a sudden, we heard the sharp cry of a cat.

I don't like her.

I missed Belinda.


Lindsey resuscitated Kenton.