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Things Women Should Care About on a First Date With a Man (Satire)


If you enjoy this parody be sure to check out some of my other parodies: 5 ways to tell if your Dog is cheating on you, Where to Pee in a crowed Shower and the ever popular Get your Own Damn Fries! Let's say you're on your way to pip>

Guys do not care about girls' fame or social status

Guys do not care about girls' fame or social status

Guy's Behavior This shouldn't take too long. As always, it needs to be said, sadly, that I'm talking about the overwhelming majority of guys here, not literally each and every one on the face of the Earth. Thanks. What do I mean, guys don't care about fame or social status? When guys are checking a gip>

Signs That She Is An Alpha Female

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She will not be waiting for any man to be happy   She has already found herself. She knows what she is capable of and her own power of mind. She will not need anybody to satisfy her, because she is already lovp>