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The police arrested a suspect in connection with the robbery.

He spent the morning reading a book.

I only have one mouth, but I have two ears.


I should've gone there with you.

They aren't going to help you.

I barely knew Pedro.

Manny didn't expect to win the race.

People liked him all the better for his faults.

That almost happened to me, too.

Dan needed to tip the balance in his favor.

Tony is a very tall boy.

That looks like her.

Let's quit.

It's just a coincidence.


I'll study French harder from now on.


I'm just about finished with the report.


Alejandro is definitely planning something.

Read Lesson 10 from the beginning.

A lot of books are published every year.

His affection is cooling.

There's hardly anything left.

Detroit is famous for its car industry.

He cut the umbilical cord using a pair of scissors.

The box bears the stamp of the manufacturer.

Vistlik wrote a sonata.

Is he American?

Please wait a moment.


We have achieved great successes.

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Take a look around.

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We can't do anything until we get back to the office.

What position do you play?

They said that it was important.


I'm not calling them.

Could I do it?

I am getting old!


Union soldiers watched as they marched away.

There is a house on the hill.

Ah, well I've bandaged it for the meantime but if that's awkward then it's fine to replace it with a plaster when you get home.

We have to wait for the all clear.

Jim will not come today.

He's very curious.

Ten people were killed or injured in the accident.

Almost everybody appreciates good food.

When the breaker tripped and it became pitch black, the baby got scared and started crying.

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I'm definitely going to vote.


Why doesn't she sit with me anymore?


Tomas is trying too hard.


We appreciate your cooperation.


It was her habit to rise early.


It's been a long war.

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The doors are opened.

I was quoting him.

I don't ever want to hurt you, Dwayne.

He has red spots all over his body.

What can we do to help?


The floods ruined the crops.

She is giving the baby a bath.

Pink and rose are similar colors.


I will go with you if necessary.


I regret lying to Glenn.

Just because you have imposter syndrome doesn't mean you're not a fraud.

I've decided not to do that.

I ask you the same question.

Would you please shut up?

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Have you ever loved somebody so much that it made you cry?

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We had a meal after noon.

I'll go check on her.

This word has gone out of use.

Meiji was beaten by Keio by a score of three to five.

I was never very nice to you, was I?

You are pregnant.

But the temple he had spoken of was his body.

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I could've been mistaken.

I have hardly any money left.

Felix knew that Jochen loved John.

I would like to send a package to Japan.

It's just throwing money away to have a yacht you rarely use.

Darci isn't interested in art at all.

Mysore is extremely handsome and he knows it.

He did not put up his hand.

That tall boy saved the drowning child.

I told you the interview would be a breeze.

I have met neither of his sons.

I didn't attend the meeting, and he didn't either.

Malloy is either crazy or on drugs.

I'm going to Hawaii by ship.

Adlai hates waiting in line.

Are you looking at a crown?

Milner walked Kate home.


Hsuan doesn't want to discourage Phill.

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How do you think I learned to speak French?

English isn't difficult to learn.

Many people around the world eat three meals a day.

You do what you have to do.

Everything has been arranged.


Greenland's meltwater rivers flow down into giant holes in the ice, called moulins, which drain through tunnels in the ice sheet and out into the ocean.

We give this town to the Serb Nation.

Find the cat.

She's collecting material for a book.

Nobody could tell Polly anything.


Try to think about it.

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He hired a new secretary.


I don't think we're ready.

I didn't stand there long.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I am the evilest sonofabitch in the valley.

I hate him now.

XYZ used to be a good restaurant, but it has gone to seed now.

I met him when I was in Boston.

My real name has nothing to do with my nickname.

It is said that nothing is more important than health.

He studies Chinese.

The sun is our most important source of energy.

Since you do a lot of commuting, it stands to reason that using a smaller car would save you money at the pump.

It has been a long time since I was in my hometown.

We must always keep our teeth clean.

Life provides me with new opportunities that I must seize.

I want to move to the countryside.


Sometimes I understand you.

Syd was bleeding heavily from a gunshot wound.

I don't think this is the one I lost.

We're here to support Space.

Izzy is pretty sure that he can't become pregnant.

I had a dream where a baby was playing with a knife.

What's the subject of that play?

That's not what I had intended to do.

Pratapwant would like a word with you.


She has cute dimples when she smiles.


I eat a boiled egg for breakfast every day.


The boat capsized during the night.

Claudia doesn't have expensive tastes.

Let go of my arm! I can't stand people touching me.


You can have the seat by the window if you want.

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We Germans fear God, but nothing else in the world.

They won that game.

He lives all by himself in the country.

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Be sure to drop in at my house.


The famous song "Ave Maria" was composed by Schubert.

She is, if anything, a little better today than yesterday.

A wedding is a significant moment in life.

She kept looking at you. Didn't you notice?

Jurevis retired earlier this year.

He made me attend the party in his place.

Where on earth did you meet him?


I thought Ima and Rand were going to Boston.

I need a taxi to the airport.

I bathed in moonlight last night.

I just want to know what to expect.

We need to start emergency procedures.


I will shit on you.

My sister's skinny and me, I'm chubby.

Kim always leaves everything to the last minute.


I waited for you to get out of prison.

Both the boy and the girl are clever.

I guess the time of reckoning has arrived at last.


I don't know if I could overcome so much pain.


Life is unfair sometimes.


You should be ashamed.