Jeany couldn't contain his anger.

They won.

Theodore's explanation was too complicated.

What are you thinking right now?


This eye defect can be corrected by surgery.

I find swimming fun.

How many languages are there in Europe?

Human beings usually have two basic desires: to get away from pain and to arrive at pleasure.

We'll never catch him.

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We were all surprised at the effect the news had on him.

I got in a fight with Hal last night.

As China develops, more and more countries want to have good relations with it.


Maybe it won't make any difference.


Thirteen were killed.

I like all of them.

What was Valerie accused of?

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Sid pushed Keith out the door.


Bradley made his bed.


The island lies to the west of Japan.

I'm glad things went our way.

Why should I worry about them?

Aimee put the tray down on the coffee table.

He cheated on me with an other man's wife.

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I was just leaving home then.


He told me that he wanted to leave the company.

In other words, physical obstacles, perhaps unknown to the original surveyor and engineer, requiring alterations to be made in order to surmount them.

There's no use crying and complaining. Try to be content with what you have.

He threw cold water on what I was doing.

We're not that far from my place.

I think Monty needs your help.

She went to see him while he was staying in Boston.

Has the sick child improved any?

Clare was attacked by a swarm of bees.

Why are you mad at him?

Twice and thrice had I loved thee before I knew thy face or name.

I just saw her last week.

Tell them I feel fine.

I liked her.

I'm going to Boston with you.

Nothing but peace can save the world.

Although Jose is sick, he's swimming again today.

Tad said he saw something suspicious the morning Thomas died.

No matter when you visit Turkey, you will definitely have a good time.

The planning committee met six times over the course of ten months.

He was late, as always.

I'm just a messenger.

Mahesh crawled into bed and pulled the covers over himself.

Ginny would never forgive me.

At my sister's.

"There," said the granddaughter, "that's just the place."

After much thought, the thief decided to confess.

The rain prevented us from playing tennis outside.

It is "doubt" that turns good into bad.

I've never been to Oslo.

She accused him of having broken his word.

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Do you have to do that?


Chuck has told us that the US government is trying to implement a weapon program that could seriously threaten the security of Russia.


I wasn't expecting this to happen.

They laughed all the way to the bank.

My wife is very unpredictable.

I believe you both know them.

The sun sends out light.

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After he fell on the stage, the singer got the support of the public.

I know that even the most beautiful kiss must come to an end.

I don't like to use Google Translator.

I'm going to be the new sheriff.

It's the oldest building in Boston.


Talking in the library is not allowed.

Please feel free to help yourself to anything in the fridge.

Last week I quickly read four books in my room.


Seen from the sky, the island was very beautiful.

My hand is in warm water.

They wanted an economy car.

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I was always the fastest.

Japan guaranteed a 2 billion yen aid package to developing countries.

Memories of old times rushed back into my mind.

You're wasting your breath.

I doubt if Bob will come to my birthday party.

I'm just doing my duty.

Frank says you've never been to Boston.

You were our last hope.

Indians know their country by many names: "Bharat" from Sanskrit, "Hindustan" from Persian and "India" from English.


She cannot have told a lie to me.

I like to win prizes.

How long did you go out with Carl?

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Reboot the computer.

Someone who is carefree easily changes their tune.

Have you seen the dog? He wandered off a couple of minutes ago.

Has the bell rung yet?

Nobody knows my country.

Shaw may have to quit his job.

You can't unscramble an egg.

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Kees looked like he was about to jump out the window.


Are you a model or an actor?

Himawan opened the drawer again and took out a notepad.

I don't know what happened after we left.

I know it's not true, but it definitely seems like the sun revolves around the Earth.

The Otolaryngologist suffered from hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliofobia.

Last year there was a lot of snow.

I am content with my current position.

Raphael is a lot shorter than Jurevis is.

She's eating fruit.

She has a hot temper.

Now it's time for you to go.


You let me worry about that.

You can't do that to them.

Kate is a terrible singer.

When Peter got up, Jean had already left home.

A in Vietnamese is B.

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Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

Her actions were in vain.

Saule, give the drum.

They are no more alike than a cow and a canary.

Darin and the others left early.

It was probably a mistake.

Jerald is the best runner.


I went to the party on the presumption that she would be there.

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The students are on vacation.

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Draw a straight line through it.

That's mine.

There is no shame in admitting one's faults.

I've got a little extra time right now.

Delbert never had a chance.

I'm not wasting rounds.

I'm going to go check.

It wasn't easy for me to do that.

Do you know French?

What'll you do if someone sees you?

She went in for the audition last week.

I love weddings.

Holding the Olympics where there's severe atmospheric pollution gives rise to a great risk for athletes.

They're both empty.

I heard that Suzan wasn't at school today.

What are they drinking?

Until now the city of Bilbao has been characterized as a rough, industrial city.

I know most of those people pretty well.

You were the love of my life.

The meeting isn't going to be rescheduled.

Ukraine became independent again when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.

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Rodent is hanging up the laundry.

I've already told Sundaresan I won't help him.

Shut up or I'll shut you up!

The rumor isn't true.

I'm aware of the fact.


Good nutrition is vital for an infant's growth.

It uses solar power.

I think that would be wise.

I paid a lot of money for these tickets.

The mountain was covered with snow.

I just need to find him.

Leo must be getting used to this by now.


I fully support your proposal.

I live pretty close to him.

She's learning to swim.


I've got to keep moving.

She said 'I love you' to me.

He wouldn't mention the plan.

Helen is making spare parts in a car factory.

Graham took another gulp of wine.

Could you help me here?

He got angry when he found out about their plans.

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The welcome rain has extinguished all the bushfires. Now floods are predicted.

The chair is far from the door.

You alone can do this.

This is the first time I've ever spread chili on bread.

I play basketball with them.

He is saving up to buy a house.

To do him justice, he is a nice guy.


How much is the most expensive car?