Shall we stop soon?

I wanted to be them.

I'm not afraid of the future.

Why didn't we think of that before?

If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.

I can't let you push me around anymore.


The city was blanketed with snow.


Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

I'll get him a present.

In short, try Dict.

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Heinz loves them.

Don't patronise me.

The commanding officer marched, with soldiers following behind.

My sister doesn't really know how to cook, and neither do I.

Your shirts need to be washed.

How often do you shave your legs?

Lewis and Irwin are thinking about getting married.

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I've met him on several occasions.

I told him not to come.

The police decided to arrest him.

I'm concerned about health care.

Tal seemed very excited.


I ate at a curry house.

You'd be perfect for that.

I'm not sure how to be a good mother and wife.

I'd like to sleep with you.

Tatoeba now contains five hundred fifty-five Klingon sentences.

You're full of shit.

He had some money in an account that he'd set aside for his kids.

I've got real bad news for you, Pat.

There isn't going to be a next time.

Malus has trouble concentrating on one thing.

John is better loved than his father.

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Dawson left about thirty minutes ago.

We used to live in London three years ago, then we moved here.

An elephant's burden should be borne only by an elephant.


I'm getting good at this.

Eric tried to be neighborly.

We had fun with it.

My head doesn't ache anymore.

Teri will do it.

You accept Carolyn's suggestions.

Can you please correct my translation?

Would you do that for me?

I dream of seeing him there.

I lost this oblong Japanese brazier in an earthquake.

He only needs food and rest to live.

I think I can arrange that.

The color of the wall clashes with that of the floor.

Hopefully he won't notice anything!

Boyd got back into the car.

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Just pull the door shut. It'll lock by itself.

I think it necessary for you to study harder.

This AC unit wastes a lot of electricity.

Frankly, I'm not sure it really happened myself.

Pratapwant is quite confident.

Some things in life are beyond our ability to control.

We should definitely meet again soon.


Yumi plays tennis on Sunday.

Scholarship must always be exact whether it is interesting or not.

Unfortunately, we don't know the rest of his work.


I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

You need their support.

I want to look pretty!

I don't do that kind of thing.

Raja wasn't in his room this morning.


I'm not so good at tennis.

Tai's such a bad sport that no one wants to play anything with him.

Is this really going to work?

We must be ready to dare all for our country. For history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.

I have aphthous ulcers on the back of my throat.

Vincenzo showed Spike how to boil water in a paper cup.

He missed the deadline.


The police assembled a lot of evidence against him.

I'll stay longer next time.

I needed to make sure you'd come here.

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Let's go visit them.


I don't think that's allowed.

This is a very, very rare problem.

How do you know I haven't found someone special?

He will take charge of the class.

I'm having lunch.

I got up at six this morning.

Aah. Now I understand.


Keep them entertained.


Please contact me later.


She'll diagnose each person carefully.

I had scarcely gone out before the phone rang.

Does anyone know what really happened?

We arrived at Viracopos at one o'clock in the morning.

Beth is the type of a person who calls a spade a spade.

You can see the house was built stiff.

A truck came into contact with the bridge supports.


You won't need a gun.

Shahid wishes he could speak French as well as Perry.

The cosmonaut is great.


We played chess.

The 9:35 train stops at Bambury.

Seymour presented his graduation thesis yesterday.


Did you follow the link in the e-mail I sent you?

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Show me another tie, please.

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I'm messy.

"Oleg! Oh how I've missed you." "Me too. At last we meet again."

I wonder how long this cold weather will last.


I can't believe he renounced his U.S. citizenship.

You need to take this medicine three times a day.

Can't you get somebody else to help you?


He ate it all up.

Please come over for lunch the day after tomorrow.

There's still a bit of it left.

I have no idea how much they are paying for that.

I thought his remarks very apropos.

Can I help you with those suitcases?

Do you have a child?

Why did you shoot her?

I could never be a phlebotomist. I don't have the stomach for that kind of work.

You should clean that cut straight away, you don't want to get an infection!

No one knows what Oscar looks like.

We're having a mild winter.

I'll return to Australia in two days.


My brother's murderer got off with just a year in jail. If that's not a travesty of justice, I don't know what is!

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I burned the cookies.

Lynne feigned concern.

I will be afflicted that I do not know men.


That child soon fell asleep.


Is it true that you and Kolkka were engaged?

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Matthias is being truthful, isn't he?

That's enough!

"And what happened after that?" "I can't tell you. It's a secret."

Your English has improved.

Griff was quite obnoxious.

It gets very cold this time of year.

How long is the bridge?

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All the children loved and adored Miriamne.

We're going to the ballet.

The longer you wait to tell her, the worse it's going to be.

We hugged Floyd.

We are too busy to be idle.


He was always annoyed in the city by noises of one sort or another.

Can you spare me a few liters of petrol?

I'm not too certain of that.


Umbrellas are very useful when it's raining.


The world is full of gossipers and liars.

We left on July 15.

Ian wouldn't even say hi to Glen.

I expect Sassan will be a finalist.

Ninja doesn't pay any attention to Scott.

We got stuck in traffic.

You'll get a reward for your cooperation.

So there's no love lost between them then?

Many people here take the train to work.


Not coming on time is very bad.

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I've got a six-year-old son.

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I ordered the children to stay quiet, but they kept on making noise.

I passed by your house about 10 last night.

The shopkeeper urged me to buy it.

Does this sound stupid?

Vladimir was here for three years.

He lives by himself in the woods.

Is this in fact going to affect their relationships?

The coach asked the players to give their 110 percent.

Josip's nails were painted a bright red.


Peggy never was stupid.