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Yoshio said he would pay as much as 15000 yen for a new pair of basketball shoes, but I thought that was quite expensive.


Dominic said that he couldn't remember the last time he saw a movie.

That's an offensive question.

Can't you go by yourself?

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He sat on a chair with his legs dangling.

What do you know?

Patrice isn't that handsome.


Sorry, I don't think I can do it.

Did you see the game yesterday between the Hanshin Tigers and the Tokyo Giants?

Starbuck's car just pulled into the parking lot.

I cleaned up the mess.

It's gotten too late, I should go back.

I have a short-sleeved shirt.

His eyes searched my face to see if I was talking straight.

Bob told me he wanted to quit the company.

She will be back at five.

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That house is the place where I was born.

Our climate is changing.

I'll try and contact Micky now.


Serious calamities struck him his whole life.

We can save you some time.

We need to get going.


You always said you wanted to become a scientist. Why didn't you?


Alf could tell Kristi wasn't convinced.

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Please sell me that.

Anyone would have done the same thing.

I'd like to own a business.

Boiling lobsters is illegal in the town of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Julian never fully recovered.

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Arthur is such a worrywart.


Stir, and you are a dead man.

I'm not going to do much better.

I'm sensing a lot of hostility.


Freedom. On my school notebooks. On my school desk and the trees. On the sand of the snow. I write your name.

Who's going to notice?

I need to know what you saw that night.

Windsurfing is a lot of fun.

Somebody might've overheard you.

You have such good friends.

Can't you live your own life?

Albert is engaged in foreign trade and often goes abroad.

It's faster to reserve a taxi.

A critic once said that if you saw my ballet paintings, you didn't have to go to a live performance.

The problem is that people think we don't know what we're doing.

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The high salary disposed him to accept the position.

She does not speak English.

Nhan said it can be repaired.

The time is now.

I didn't want to insult you.

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The 2011 Women's Soccer World Cup will end in Frankfurt, Germany.


I have to leave.

No one would meet with Takao.

Sorry, but I can't stay long.


I'm only here for one day.


Glynn is a financial analyst.

I accidentally saw him naked.

What kind of funeral do you want?

Are these things really Hotta's?

I think you're amazing.


Moderation in all things.


It doesn't belong to one people or country, so it works as a neutral language.

I eat in the house.

I was robbed of no more than 1,000 yen.


"Do you, Leif, take Piotr to be your wife?" "I do."

"What is Randolph doing?" "I think he's texting his friends."

Maybe we should keep looking.

He won't admit his fault.

Don't ask her out, demand her out!

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She called him a fool.

The lights have been burning all night.

Here is where it all happens.

You don't need to take your shoes off.

That female student is American.

Nicolo is staying with his relatives in Boston for the next three weeks.

They're out of sugar now.


The weather report is bad.


He made a complete financial record on his computer, basing his calculations on countless receipts and bank records.

I'm scheduled to see Mr. Jones next week.

Lucy is American.

They made everything easy for Gretchen.

Do you really want to talk about Hienz?


Do you want to go to Boston or not?

I don't understand a fucking thing.

Now get lost.

The dolphin and trainer communicated much better than we expected.

John is very agitated.

On what street?

I never go on holiday without cleaning my apartment.


I love egg yolks.

I had barely got aboard when the train began to move.

I live in Helsinki.


I just want to look at what Izumi wrote.

These rules don't apply anymore.

Water finds its level.

I cannot stand this anymore.

I need a pencil. Can I borrow one of yours?


Look at that cat. It is Mr. Brown's.

They missed him.

That boy is a chatterbox.

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Can you ice skate?

I awoke this morning to find the summit of the mountain covered with snow.

I knew you wouldn't forget him.

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You decide on what to do.

Anybody who shows up late has to chug!

I'll take her home.

I cannot get the lid off.

I tell Philip the same thing every day.

You know Jussi is telling the truth.

They tell me that it's good exercise, but I'm just not into jogging.

I decided not to buy the perfume anymore.

She came damn late.


Reid read the German translation.


There's been change of plan.

I wanted to give you a chance.

We're being treated fairly.

His first work gained great popularity among people.

He thinks that he's the centre of the universe.

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How do you know that belongs to him?

It's my job to protect Douglas.

He has dull senses.

I'll try to find one.

Don't try to deceive me.


Thierry didn't say very much.

Something's wrong with him.

What are you two arguing about?

I could hear them arguing.

Have you ever seen Herbert eat?

Excuse me, but is this the right way to the subway station?

I was eating some strawberries.


I enquired of a passer-by which road to take.

Raman's daughter was murdered.

Ten to one he will be chosen.


Have you made any new friends recently?

Ji likes the idea, too.

We want to get out of here.


He is definitely not a bad person.

I get along with my younger brother.

Cristina's diet resulted in weight loss.

I love lentil soup.

You should have been more careful of your health.


Barrett deceived Marc.


You're a better cook than I am.

Do you think Jef knows how to get there?

I had a situation to take care of.

Nothing ever seems to change around here.

He was single before.

We must get down to our homework.

He's doing a handstand.

I don't want to wait till the last minute.

I'm supposed to help Samir clean his room.


There's nothing I can do that Guillermo can't do.

Mongo's ideas are a little old-fashioned.

Without your encouragement, I should have given up the plan.

We could understand each other.

Sue is an American student.

You wouldn't enjoy it.

Bruce said that he hated Sunil.

You're ill, aren't you?

Just so you know, I'm an FBI agent.


We have a score to settle.