Where is his house?

Then where did you go?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Do you see any problems with us not attending that meeting?


This is a very good restaurant, and with an excellent environment, as well.

I don't know her last name.

I'd like to leave this book with you.


He decided to part with his house.

You've got willpower.

Well, stranger things have happened.

We all agree in liking the teacher.

Nancy cannot have told a lie.

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It goes without saying that friendship is more important than business.


I live in Belarus and I take pride in this fact.

I should call you.

This ball is that boy's treasure.

She made a vanilla chocolate cake for four people.

She could not make both ends meet on her income.


Doug suddenly looked worried.

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I've got to get back to Boston.


You're the only person I know besides me who really understands this problem.

I couldn't do that either.

My jaw hurts.

I like yatsuhashi and daifuku.

Where a painting's general sense seems clear, moreover, the exact decoding of its content remains in doubt.


I have wrapped these glasses so that they will not break.

We have to pull the weeds.

All sensory pleasures activate the minds of the noble-natured. They shut down the minds of the unnoble.

Sweep the floor.

Did Clayton come?

I'll catch up.

Can I keep you company?


You could've saved me a trip if you'd just told me I didn't need to be here today.

Otherwise we will have to cancel this order.

We're so ready for something new.

Pablo liked Australia.

Hey, don't worry.

Why shouldn't I tell her?

What time did you get up that morning?

We're going to make it come true.

Tell him I'm not in.

Anything seemed possible back in those days.

My parents will be proud of me.

I don't want you to go to jail.

The letters A.E.I.O.U assist us to know how to read words.

Brooke isn't a good student.

I cannot forbear expressing my doubts.


When's your birthday?

Watching TV is a big waste of time.

I saw a girl whose hair came down to her waist.

The medicine tastes bitter.

Try to stay still.

Where have they taken her?

It wasn't exactly a secret.

I don't think it's a bad idea.

I've been meaning to drop by and see you, but I've been rather busy this week.

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She stood out because she was wearing a red dress.

It was a long day.

What are we looking for?


Stop deluding yourself.

Stop that thief!

Your role here is so important.

Oh, fine! I'll give it one more go! But that's it!

Credit is the amount or sum placed at a person's disposal by a bank; a loan of money.

I came for you.

When they had read what was written on the stone, the younger brother said:


I'm looking for my passport. Have you seen it?

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Where is the Estonian embassy?


They avoided each other for days.


Why don't we go swimming?

You might be interested in this.

I did write to him.

This is pretty bad.

Who is the boy that is swimming over there?

Guillermo was aware of the danger.

You are always to knock before you come into my room.

Byron wiped the sand from his legs.

Everything is still the same.


Write your address here.

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The wife of a missing man has delivered a heartfelt plea to the public for information on his whereabouts.

Her husband's illness caused her great anxiety.

Zoology and botany are dedicated to the study of life.

Did you ever have that problem?

I haven't had that much fun since I left college.

She decided to go.

I'm sure Jitendra would agree with me.

Dean stole some money from his mother's purse.

I want to see the movie.

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Due to this a lot of time was lost, it's possible that if it wasn't for this accident the final stage of the race would have been better.

It doesn't sound like I will get any rest.

If they do that, they'll be sued so fast it'll make their head spin.

He wouldn't even say hi to me.

Phiroze can be quite persuasive.


That's his.

That's my wish.

I forgot what someone who studies caves is called.


Let's go take a look.

Can this wait?

We were busy with housework.

I have very few books in English.

Valerie is the only one who knows what to do.

I'll deal with her.

"Where's your mom, Connie?" "She's out shopping with my sis."

You don't have a right to make fun of him.

Does it have to be her?

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That team has nothing but strong players.

They know we're out here.

Blair has murdered three people.

Those children have limited verbal skills.

Malcolm is intimidating. When children see him, they all run away.

I hope you like this gift.

Val went cycling with one of his friends.

I have no choice but to follow those orders.

I arrived in Boston yesterday.


Reading makes me happy.

Both sat down.

It was kind of strange.


Caleb doesn't know French at all.

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I have to be there.

Keep an eye on the kids.

You may leave the room.

He grew up poor, so he's used to deprivation.

Owen doesn't look so happy.


Suyog is usually the last to leave, but last night Shawn left after he did.

Mysore wore a witch costume to the party.

A valuable object decreases in value if it is damaged.

The heavy rainfall has caused vegetable prices to rise daily for the last two months.

Returned to the villa, afternoon snack.


I knew then that I was right.


Do you believe in Christianity?

I wish you could go with Winston.

What are the drivers doing in the meeting room?


You need to stay where you are.

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I'm going to go tell Victor.

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My family liked the dog very much.


Open the window!

I just want to find out what happened.

Ofer closed the door and he and Pontus started kissing.

The news was all about the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Would you risk it?

The two had been enemies for a long time.

How much longer can we keep Pascal on life support?

Nicholas is committed.

The women play tennis.

Over the next fifteen years, architects, planners and community developers will work together to transform 346 acres of industrial wasteland into 6,500 homes, two shopping centres, a marina, a primary school and college, and parkland.

I get dizzy spells when I stand up.

That's an offensive question.

You'll never make it.

You're not afraid of me, are you?

Knudsen is still wet behind the ears.


Stanislaw is an art student.

You should head home.

I brought presents from Redang Island.

I didn't.

The forest was silent then.


Kimberly has confidence in Curt.

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I cut the article out of the magazine.

Oleg did that three months ago.

Let's go Dutch today.


According to this figure, the reflection angle equals the incidence angle.

The mountaineer set out for the summit.

We have another problem as well.

If you don't care for Moore, don't toy with his affections.

She flirted with him shamelessly.