I am a conservative.

That movie's downright dirty.

I'd like to cancel my appointment for June first.

Aimee could never do that.

Eating too much fat is supposed to cause heart disease.

I overheard what you said.

Laurel gave Marcos an icy glare.

You always pick her side.


Arnold gave Syun a lift to work.


Money is the only god of the new world order.

In informal, everyday speech, the word "literally" is often used incorrectly as an intensifier.

Thirty Vietnamese kids swim every day in order to go to their school.

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Get the book.

Who's ready for more?

We can't wait for her.

Courage grows with growing danger.

The Gospel of John was probably written about fifty years after its predecessor.


You must take his state of health into account.


Donnie hasn't been paying attention.


Ted is good at repairing watches.

Are you free on Wednesday?

We ate together at the club.

None of the old trees survived the fire.

I was so worried.

Stay in the garden, then!

Before we go further, allow me to declare my true and complete marijuana history.


Tracy seems to be nervous.

She's in consultation with the doctor right now.

The sun was covered up by a cloud blanket.

Pratap was released immediately.

Arnold still has wet hair.

I still think I deserve a raise.

Is Cookie a dog or a cat?

Do you bind books?

I discovered the truth.


They explore the problem.


Please give me a glass of milk.

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I don't want you to be here.

Emma wants to go abroad.

My brother-in-law passed away last Wednesday.

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Unfortunately, Brian met with bad weather.

I'm going to go tell Sehyo.

It's a lovely day today.


Albert has dark hair.

I hope today's ball game won't be canceled.

Showing your real feelings is not considered a virtue in Japan.

He is very fat, that is, he weighs 300 pounds.

It's clear Saul doesn't have an ounce of humanity.

We could do with their help.

It's a new book.


Nicholas always has her nose buried in a book.

I bought a camera two days ago.

I'm surprised Barrett doesn't know how to speak French.

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The Battle for Quebec was the turning point in the war.


Stop scaring him.

He drank plenty of black coffee so as not to fall asleep.

Life's nature is inexplicable.


I have a very old stamp.


Jack was laughed at by all the boys.

The townsfolk were frightened by the earthquake.

I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with Murthy.


Marty doesn't care what Milo does.

Oh that I had never been born!

Barney was fascinated by Mario's story.

We happened to get on the same bus.

He apologized for his rudeness.

Rogue never fails to send a birthday present to his father.

My hair is light brown.


She translated the text literally.

I heartily wish that in my youth I had someone.

What will this buy me?

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A lot of their time is spent on part-time jobs.

Kevan never does anything on his own.

How are we going to get this piano up those stairs?


He was climbing slowly over the fence.

Since he was very tired, he fell sound asleep.

Long, long ago, there lived an old man in a village.

Miracles do happen every day.

Don't stick your nose into my private life.


I asked Gilles for some advice.

That sounds like a fun job.

We'd never hire them.


I take it things could've gone better.

It wasn't the first time.

He had no idea why his wife left him.

Are you saying I shouldn't trust Sridhar?

See you Thursday!

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It is I who am head of this family.


I cleared the roof of snow.

Today's mission: milk tea with mochi.

Let's put up the tent while it is still light.


Nicolo can't listen to music without tapping his foot.

I figured you'd enjoy this movie.

He went to see her the other day.

I asked Skeeter to send me books to learn German.

Even the most graceful and imposing existing buildings may now be so sadly diminished as to seem slightly ridiculous beside the monster.

Sonja loves his parents.

He saved the drowning boy at the risk of his own life.


I just want you to be happy.

I ran so I would be on time.

I have neither seen nor heard of such a thing.

I wonder what goes on inside Spock's head.

Master Ode, surrounded by the emperor's guards, continued fighting.


It felt pretty good.

Are you going to stay there for long?

In Esperanto the final o is a word that means: which is.

Cole helps his colleagues.

Sometimes things that happen do not make sense.

My father will possibly come on the next train.

There's more money in the drawer.

His lecture had a large audience.

He started singing an old song.


Kurt is terrified to see the vampire standing at his door.

I understand it.

Help me out, will you?

The murder suspect's version of events did not ring true to investigating officers.

They are getting on the bus at the corner.

They won't let me see him.

I congratulated him on the birth of his son.

You don't want to tell me why, do you?

Social media is growing in importance.

I shall give this dance a miss.

I'd like to remind everyone to vote.


At that time, tariffs were high on many products.


Is there another way out of here?

Jeanette was standing in the doorway.

Don't be too hard on me.

I am descended from a graceful family.

We're all friends.

It's exactly what we needed.

He was in such a good mood when his team won the championship.

It looks like Luc has given up.

He shouted defiance at me.

Call the number I gave you.

That's what I was about to say.

We don't even know for sure that Manny will be here.

I'm not wasting rounds.

Let me know the time you are leaving.

They need him.

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That's all we do.


You worry about the future of your children, but you also feel jealous of them, because they will see the future, and you won't.

What you're saying is perfectly viable, but I can't shake off my unease.

What does Thierry look like?

He has more books than he can ever read.

No one would hurt us.

I don't think it's worth it.

Fortunately, Lorien recovered.

I laughed a lot.

Tell Martin what you heard.


Refresh yourself with a cup of coffee when sleepy.

She's perfect at everything.

The hardest part is already over.

Leave her alone, please.

We just don't know enough yet.

Michiel seems to have made a big mistake.

I gave them Monday off.

Gill is no angel.

I know it isn't always easy.

I miss Boston.

I hope it's OK.

Crows often fish through garbage.

I've just made a decision.

Don't forget what I told you yesterday.

Hirotoshi isn't so certain.

We let them win.

Your sister is beautiful as ever.