I can't hear what they're saying.

Pim didn't buy the tickets.

Roberto and I are Rudolph's classmates.

Jin hung up on me.

Ralph asked Klaus to throw the ball to him.

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It was a magical moment.

The President has fled the capital.

Lawrence is a lot of fun, isn't he?

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Brodie is sitting in the conference room.

You never wanted to talk about it.

The Smiths moved to Ohio.

What is it with you?

Cats like catnip.


The weather was fine, so we went fishing.

You have to call Magnus.

I suggest you hurry.


Her face was white.


Right now my father is not at home.

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Stay away from the window.

Who is the author of this book?

It is probable that she will come tomorrow.


I want to give Cathrin something special.

I am four months pregnant.

You've already destroyed my career and my reputation. What else do you want?

My dizziness still hasn't gone away.

Where is Barrio anyway?

I hate it when people try to duck their responsibilities.

Naomi couldn't stand being alone, could he?

I've always loved Egyptian culture

Do you need a place to stay tonight?


I drive a convertible.

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Ti doesn't have any family.

I prepared dinner.

Sergiu and Ellen rarely go out together.


He has nothing in common with her as to their tastes.


It's bad manners to make a noise when you eat soup.

Teach me how to fold a paper crane. I forgot how to fold it.

Rodger is the little brother I never had.

What's your favorite cheap wine?

How come you know so much about Tatoeba?

Did anything surprise you?

No person by that name is listed in the register of the school.

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I assumed Pierre understood French.


Can you believe this is already happening?


I like to eat out.

I thought Eduardo had never been to Boston.

The nightmare is finally over.


I'm all better now.

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Look, I'm not going to tell you again.


You sure do know how to have a good time.

Rakhal wants to give it a try.

High school is not enough.

He hates insects.

My jaw hurts.


Things are getting better.


Can you describe the object?


You can't go where I'm going.

Janet walked into the yard.

Children filled the room.


I opened the window to let in some fresh air.

My computer froze up.

He fixed the bookshelf to the wall.


It won't happen right away.

Where did you hear this?

Will you let me see you again?

You can also get the weather forecast by telephone.

Raj has just finished cleaning his room.


Was King James I of England really gay?


How often do you wash your clothes?

It seems good to a scientific person, but I prefer to consult you in practical matters.

She asked me to.


I told him to come visit us.

I study psychology.

Pour me a drink.

True hope is swift, and flies with swallow's wings.

He won a bronze medal.

We have to get to the dragon and slay it to rescue the princess!

I don't want to burden you with my troubles.

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Lots of children in industrialised countries are too fat because they eat too many sweets.


I'm capable of making my own decisions.

Don't make so much noise in the room.

There were a good many people on the platform.

It's clear that he likes you.

Johnny was a chemist; now Johnny is no more. For what he thought was water, was H2SO4.

She arrested the thief.

They looked back.

Don't be afraid of that.

I've been studying French at school.

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She succeeded to her father's whole estate.

Could I have a second helping?

I'm not too late, am I?

Is that a gun rack?

Why didn't you stay with Tran?


I need to get them alone.

We can rely on them.

With his new job, he's taken on more responsibility.

My father decided to quit smoking.

Why don't you go out and play with your friends?

The jail is overcrowded.

Meredith is Cathy's friend.

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I can't stand losing her.

I didn't want to be a burden.

I want to relax in front of the TV this evening. I don't want to go out.

Number eight is "hachi" in Japanese, as it reminds one of "hatching from an egg."

Nick has nobody to turn to for advice.

It's funny!

How is this relevant?

He laid stress on the importance of being punctual.

Who else knew about Monty?

This question in English is anything but easy.

I'm in touch with him.

Come in. Let me check your pulse.

We must find out the cause and get rid of it.


I see you have been practicing.

We try to explain things across cultures; in spite of boundaries.

Christophe smelled it.

Loan on deeds needed the joint surety.

I need to find out why Pitawas isn't here.


Tell Chip I'll pick him up on the way.


I've been stupid.

I bought the same toaster that Galen bought.

His manners were far from pleasant.


Did your husband have many enemies?

Swamy was correct about one thing.

Vulcans have pointed ears.

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There really is no comparison.

He is not such a fool as not to know it.

Young people know the disasters of war only in the abstract.

Try not to be late.

Send him to me!

I'll explain the rules.

I have made a mess out of it.

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He said that the earth goes round the sun.

I sat down across from Mariou.

They named the ship the Mayflower.

I will talk about it with my horse.

Forgive him if you can. He is not guilty.

Excellent reviews.

Put it down, Anne.

Felicja is a native of Katowice.

I will be sixteen years old next year.

We will soon take off.

Let's try write a song together.

The rainwater evaporates on a hot day.

Francois got in the bathtub.

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I don't know how long it'll take.

Isn't Irving on your side?

Do you want to do something?

The students range in age from 18 to 25.

I am impatient with his inability to make decisions.

Everyone is capable of learning a foreign language, but it's all much easier for those with talent.

Joyce missed the train.

Turkey is nice, as long as you keep your mouth shut.

Allan got hurt when he fell down.


It's what we expected.

Is Dan aware of what he did?

Everybody seems to like him.


I didn't know where to get off the bus.

They know their stuff.

How many died from the earthquake?