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She embroidered her initials on a white handkerchief.

It will not be long before the new term begins.

I'm really confused about my faith right now.

This is my cell number.

Julie doesn't seem to know how to do anything on his own.

His memory loss is more a psychological than a physical trouble.

No one thinks that you're stupid.


Tony could see a river and an old bridge.

She informed her parents of her success.

I will have been to Paris five times when I go there again.

You'll never guess what I saw this morning.

She called a friend.

He is happy.

She took a walk in the park.

Nobody's English is all there is.

Did Ken and Joe eat lunch about noon?

Is this wine?

Temper your spirit, warm your heart.

Things were already terrible.

I went three blocks out of my way.

Today we know that George Orwell was an optimist.

A comment expects a comment.

If Nelken goes swimming, so will I.

I tried to avoid him as much as possible.


See that guy over there at the counter drinking whisky? He's pretty much my type.

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The road divides here into two.


I want you to get well.

You will soon know the truth.

She looked at me with a passionate expression of entreaty.

It took Harv a long time to get over Heidi.

She tries to fool anyone.

Suicide is an act of revenge against yourself, and I personally have nothing against myself.

He used force on his children.


Someone tried to shoot us.

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He listened to music in his room.

They're all waiting for you.

Can I do anything to help?

I'm looking for someone else.

It's not always easy to translate.

That's the concern.

His salary is 250 thousand yen per month.

He handed in his resignation.

I need to go to Chicago.


We have more customers than we can count.

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Why don't you fix Kylo something to eat?


France is in western Europe.

I've told you everything I can think of.

I still enjoy playing tennis from time to time.

Werner tried to cut down on his expenses.

Can you meet tonight?


The tree leaves turned red.

We're all ready.

He does not know what it is to be poor.

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Larry is bi.

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I bumped into your dad yesterday.

Two weeks have passed and I haven't seen you.

Markku badly wanted to have a son with a college education.

I used to take a walk early in the morning.

Even though she is seeing someone else, I won't give her up.

The following morning, the snowman was completely melted.

This book is missing two pages.


Linder almost bumped into Sumitro.

Can't you do anything to help them?

Harvey says that he'll wait for us.


The calculator showed the correct answer.

Do you have time?

What is your father's name?

He explained the literal meaning of the phrase.

We now work together.

What did you do to get grounded?

They can vouch for Gale.

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Gretchen asked Rafik if she'd return soon.


Don't pat me on the head like I'm still a child!


Our leader will know what to do.

That shirt is very dirty. It needs washing before you go to school.

Santa was convicted of high range drink driving.

I must get back to work.

I really have nothing else to say.


I can't get Real to even talk to me.

Don't you think that's a little too much to pay?

I heard Jean-Christophe crying in her room, so I went to check on her to see if she was OK.

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She heard him sing.


You ought to try it sometime.

Patrice happened to sit next to Stanislaw at the concert last night.

Do you know that man?


The newspaper publishes the most important facts.

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He tried not to hurt others' feelings.


Win always took care of Gary.

Are you going to cooperate?

Who are the famous musicians in your country?


The teacher was surprised at the extent of his knowledge.

That's all we did.

We talked about this yesterday.

I'll take the next train.

I'm not you.

We'll probably be a bit tired after the hike.

His knowledge put him dangerously close to a secret the organization wouldn't let him live to hear.

He hit him in the face.

When does Jarmo eat breakfast?

Is there anything you want?

Who can it possibly be?

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We feel Ralph needs some spiritual guidance.

That's why I told you that you shouldn't go alone.

He came again after a week.

She suggested that I take him to the zoo.

You don't need to go to the dentist's.

I'd like to see her at 2:30.

After the war most of the highways were in urgent need of repair.

We have had a lot of snow and I am very happy.

It is as warm today as yesterday.


He will never give in even when he is wrong.

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Find out what kind of a person he is.


Dan tried to intimidate Linda.

There is a fork missing.

There's a foul smell in the kitchen.

I wonder if Wade really meant what he said.

Don't you want to know?

What are we going to do next?

Gale is the only one who understands this.

They come from the same country.

I called Lori this afternoon.


You write like a panty!

I wonder if I should answer his letter.

I wish Eugene would help around the house more often.

He frankly expressed his own view.

She seemed frightened at first, but only for a moment.

Hello. Long time no see.

How was the wedding?

Blood stains don't usually disappear.

He is a good loser.

I wasn't very effective.

It appears that I was wrong about that.

My wife gave birth prematurely to a 1500-gram baby girl.

I'll be there after breakfast.

I told you I'm not going.

You have a very kind wife and very good friends.

Marion had an accident.

I found out how to solve the problem.

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I don't like cats.

These days more and more young people talk to their elders on even terms.

I watched the whole thing.

Why don't you admit your mistake?

I want to thank everyone for helping me out today.

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Not only did I eat pilaf, but I also ate kebabs.

Many politicians don't keep their promises.

There are many rooms.

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What can I say about him?

The voice is not enough; we want also to see your facial expression and body language.

We are working for the overall development of the state.


Your colorful shirt really stands out.


Maybe you should get some sleep.

The eldest son succeeded to all the property.

They traveled by car.

Dan didn't hesitate even a second to do that.

They will go to the woods to pick mushrooms, weather permitting.

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I hope Hwa comes over to my place today.

Some computer.

The ball is that boy's prized possession.

I'll buy Roy a drink.

On examination, I found that it was impossible to carry out the plan.

She kindly gave me a ride home.

I'm closer to Mitch than anyone else.

Do you know where he lives?

Ian is one of the world's richest and most famous men.