I can prove that I am right.

We all hummed to the music.

These facts bear out my hypothesis.

His relatives took it for granted that they would inherit the bulk of his wealth.

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That is all I can tell you.


I was with Shuvra last week.

That's what Anatole does to those he doesn't like.

Are you fair?

I'm comfortable in English.

I took an early flight home.

Juliet wants to think it over.

I'm sick of eating fish.

I gave my mother carnations on Mother's Day.

I understand why.


You need to get your sleep.

Eliot doesn't want to go anywhere in particular.

It doesn't matter how old you are.

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Sedat is accustomed to speaking in public.

One should bear in mind that time is money.

We've got bigger problems than that.

I don't expect help.

I knew we forgot something.

Father is busy putting up a wall.

We're a big family.

Raif seems to be having a lot of fun.

This house is very big, isn't it?

I've done this too.

The message was in French.

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Both garage doors were open.


Surya has strange ideas.


The heavy rain brought floods in the valley.

Would it be OK if I stayed home today?

Do you have a point, Juergen?

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You may find it useful.


I just gave him one.

I've always wanted to try that.

Do you get the impression that all of our politicians are too old?


Is your hair still wet?

My salary is very low.

The rain had a good effect on the farm crops.

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I don't want to buy a yacht.

The actor is putting on makeup.

Malaysia came into existence in 1957.

That's theirs.

Albert is holding a bouquet of flowers.

Raman has a stomachache.

I like both Susan and Betty, but I think Susan is the nicer of the two.

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The failure is due to his idleness.

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Panos is doing a good job.

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The police discovered damning evidence against him.

He had plenty of money for his trip.

All I know is what I read in the papers.

He made up his mind to be a teacher.

We scattered seeds all over the field.


He took out a book about the history of coins.


I just wanted it to be a surprise.


We finally did it.

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Some clouds can be seen in the sky.


Tal is about a head taller than me.

There are mosquitoes even in Greece.

I did it and I would do it again.

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She told me good things about you.

Do you have a home in Italy?

Imagine yourself on a mountaintop.


Such evil customs should be done away with.

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What's Tony doing?

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Go is my only distraction.

Ricky gave me 300 dollars.

I'm sorry, but you're not allowed to enter.

We are the future, guys.

He is a doctor and a university professor.

After all, you have to look after number one.

She has been to Paris.


Although I graduated many years ago, I'll never forget any of the teachers who taught me.

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She is not pretty, to be sure, but she is very clever.

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Is that supposed to make me feel better?

I did not know where to go.

He didn't do a stitch of work.

What did I ever do to you?

Gerard enjoyed his stay.

My SO works at a language school and loves it very much.

What are some foods you usually eat with a knife and fork?

It's been five years since that book was made into a movie.

It wasn't that.

No one's coming to our party tonight.

I've never heard of him before.

Stop looking at that girl.

Come here, you two.

I'm sorry I interrupted you.

They decorated the room.

I told you I'm not ready.

I don't have the energy for this tonight.


I can't really recall.

We have to correct our mistakes.

Too much or too little of anything is never good; it's all about balance.


We don't have room for you.

An hour into the trip, Milo announced that she couldn't remember turning the iron off.

She sells sea shells.

Everything looks pretty normal.

Let's go outside and talk.

Are these candles?

Can you describe the man who took your wallet?

What time does it open and close?

Gail will be here real soon.

She works at the bank.

The representatives of the elite continue to think according to the categories of the past.


She asked him to stay, but he didn't want to.


My name is Maria Sara.

Do you read lips?

I thought I was clear about this.


You may think that animals can sleep in any position.


My hair is too long.

No one told me this could happen.

I have to tell him about it.

This was not the only problem.

Leave my family alone!

Everyone had gifts, from grandfather down to the baby.

This seems unfair.

Many efforts have been make to develop market for imports.

The politician said that he had paid all his taxes and done nothing illegal.

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Peggy walked in carrying a briefcase.

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I am from China.

Do Manny and Hartmann know?

Charlie was a mere child when I saw him last.

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I'm from Saudi Arabia.

She doesn't live in my neighbourhood.

I want to be a swimmer.

We're all friends on Tatoeba!

This is a genius.


Olof lived in Boston until a few years ago.

Mats says he possesses telepathic ability.

I have to watch them every second.

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Doctors' bills really cut into our savings.


Tracey is out job hunting.

They won't let me see her.

English law prohibits children under 16 from buying cigarettes.

Dominic is as tall as I am.

He forced his way into the room.

The door is heavy. You need to use a lot of force to open it.

With half the money from the sale of his previous company, the entrepreneur co-founded an electronic money transfer service, which has become essential for people buying or selling products on the Internet.

Are you dating her?

I'm staying.

Nick asked for permission to use the phone.

Most French people are against capital punishment.

How long can the world stand by and watch these atrocities?

He was denied that pleasure.

We're not going to do anything crazy.

Three workers on board the truck were killed in the accident.


Will you express this letter?

Are you good in math?

All government is founded on compromise and barter.

I have misjudged you.

When was the last time you listened to this song?

A husband is what is left of a lover, after the nerve has been extracted.

Did Rudolph confess to killing Prakash?

We heard the swing squeaking back and forth in the park where there was supposed to be no one else but us.

We should leave something for our children.

Good speech will break the bones of a ghost.

Hide yourself before he comes here!


I'll stay here all year.