Unfortunately, I'm late.

"I'm old enough to remember the fall of the Berlin wall", said Hans.

Some of my classmates are overweight.

I told you we'd be late.


I encourage the translators of my books to take as much license as they feel that they need.

Turn right there.

They were happy and had many children.

Soohong is the man of my dreams.

This disease is caused by a rare genetic mutation.

Shirley wanted to do everything himself.

Miguel, the pickup artist, rates women's looks on a scale from one to ten, claiming that he only hits on eights and up.

Please give my best thanks to her.

Now's our chance.

Let's consider what might happen.

I asked him to come see me.

I'm going to play tennis with Noam tomorrow.

He cast reflections on me.


There's something sort of familiar about you.


Worrying deprived him of sleep.


He would often work for hours without stopping.

How are you doing? I haven't seen you in ages!

I'll go see how much longer we'll have to wait.

I was told I would feel better after this medicine.

I don't owe Hienz anything.

The bases were loaded.

I think John might be allergic to eggs.

I'd like a half a kilogram of these and a half a kilogram of those.

Not all the books are worth reading.

We don't have all afternoon.

It wouldn't hurt.

Don't try to talk right now.

Hills and fields cloaked in spring colors.

How much did these sunglasses cost?

That's far out!

I have no idea who you are.

Have you dug up the potatoes?

Can you talk to Malus?

You're all hungry, aren't you?

Doesn't Gil realize Ssi loves him?

When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a net force.


These shoes are too tight. They hurt.


As a consequence of overwork, he became ill.

This is not a shortcut; this is private property.

Terri is the person I've been looking for.

I'm having trouble reading the letters on the monitor.

Well, let's have a look.

The electorate will decide who becomes the next president.

Hello? Anyone there?

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I told them I'd changed my mind.

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I love fish.

Brandi wished he hadn't told Heather anything.

It's important to learn to hope.

I'll take back everything I said.

What would you like me to tell Elwood?

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If you think your team can win against our team, you've got another thing coming!

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Keiko is a singer.


I am reading a magazine.

He ran on and on.

He could not travel forward in time.

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You should be happy for them.


There is an urgent need for clean energy.


Sergeant is trying to find a job.

Every week I study piano on Monday and Tuesday, and dancing on Wednesday and Friday.

Kory thinks this is a mistake.

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He is advised to go on a strict diet.

I've been on the phone all afternoon.

I would like to thank many people for helping me win this award, but I won't.


The gun went off by accident.

My eyes weren't sharp enough to tell whether the black spot on the ceiling was a spider or a fly.

You should prepare your lessons.

He says he will come, which is quite impossible.

I love her anyway.

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Nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A.

It is not easy to commit dates to memory.

He followed in his father's footsteps.

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Nobody tried to help them.

Was the movie interesting?

I want to be there, you know.

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Sofoklis didn't have to be so rude.

Get a life!

You and I are good partners in business.

I have enough!

What was your job?


My teacher recommended that dictionary.

I think I'm beginning to see the problem here.

Please don't let us down.


Grace's parents live three miles from him.

I saw Kerri at the funeral today.

I have a surprise for her.

Draw me the Pareto curve.

My doctor suggested that I see a specialist in Boston.


I ate while I studied.

Where does he cook?

The high school students are studying in the classroom.

Prime Minister Koizumi said, "There are people who say that, because it's unconstitutional, I should not pray at the Yasukuni Shrine".

Irving can't go anywhere today.

Can you really manipulate the thought and behavior of people by using subliminal messages?

I hear it's nice.


We went swimming in the lake.

My book has to be somewhere in the room.

Well, do you like it?

He brushed his hat.

I owe you a lunch.

Why do people cheat?

Bring me some water, would you?

He regretted his misdeeds.

Appreciate the importance of propaganda in politics.

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It costs twenty euros.

That's a mere mistake.

I am responsible for this failure.

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The men looked at Jessie in silence.


Those two children were the same age.

Did you see what Robert did?

I only have a few books.


That's what Aaron would say?

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Would you like to have your hair washed?

I'd love to see somebody do that.

How bad can this get?

Reid will live.

Ben didn't get on back of Bradford's motorcycle.

Her daughter has a stomachache.

I will bring back a lot of food.

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He's seeking for solidariety from a friend.

How many sentences can I add in 16 minutes, I wonder... Let's try and see!

Astronomers inferred the existence of a local supercluster.

I'm at the bank.

Del isn't very obedient, is he?

I have a lot of household chores today.

Bring it back when you're done.

Joan is as charming as her sister.

Curt was shot and killed.

Pantelis looked at herself in the mirror.

Peter overcame a lot of difficulties before succeeding as a doctor.

I have watery stools.

Maybe this girl is a ladyboy.


You can put it there.

Are you tired now?

Ronald changed his mind about going out with Spy and stayed home.

You may still do it if you want to.

Glen is an effective salesman.

Darci and his friend John were swimming close to shore when a strong undertow carried them out to sea.

He thought up an excuse.

I'd rather not eat the meat from an animal that was cloned.

Do you prefer subtitled or dubbed TV shows?

"They've arrived!" "And none too soon!"

I'm curious about his past.

So you want to learn another language. Welcome, then, to Tatoeba!

Aimee could do nothing but sit and wait.

Who's ill?

Is there chicken for dinner?

Let's get this done.

Don't talk to me about Scot.

Tell Huashi that he should lose some weight.

I think I want to stay in the house.

She is very angry with me.

He has sent you a new message.

Barbara doesn't understand French at all.

He has been a good companion to me.

I did everything I could. Now it's your turn to contribute what you can.

Would you like to visit the United States?

Israel crashed Francis's party.

As soon as he saw a policeman, he ran away.

What are the alternatives?

I wasn't allowed to see you.


Try thinking about something else.


I feel like having some kebab.

Luis is an amateur.

Justin oiled his bicycle chain.