I told her not to let go of the rope, but she did.

I take it you talked to her.


I am very concerned about the seriousness of the festival.

Naoto is the tallest in the class.

I'll get a picture of you giving your speech.


She is wearing accessories.

Are you going down?

We have no place to go.

I had to get her to school.

Isn't Yukimasa so cute?

The sunset is beautiful.

He's not here right now.

I want to send Kenn a letter.

There's room for improvement.


What time will the movie start?

Will anyone volunteer to help me?

It'll be a pity if he fails.

Who was Mona Lisa?

Not only does she keep house, but she teaches at school.


Please use automatic speech recognition!

I like your personality.

He took a cold bath even in winter until recently.


I'm now writing a letter to my Chinese teacher, but in English.

Keep paddling.

Workers struggled as factories closed.

Milk doesn't last long in warm weather.

He is well paid.

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He came from one of the richest families in the United States.

Seth comes from Boston.

Kees doesn't seem much happier.


Does Arnold Schwarzenegger still know German?

Charleen is applying ointment to his wound.

That's terribly expensive!

The weather remained rainy.

The incident was etched in his memory.

He's Protestant, but I'm Catholic.

Don't interfere with them.

Hal wondered how often Pat practiced baton twirling.

Summer came, and it got really hot.

But the temple he had spoken of was his body.

Your work has greatly improved.

Ross lost track of the time.

I didn't know there would be an Osaka edition.

Rodent doesn't have to talk about it if he doesn't want to.

You can leave if you want.

I study math harder than you do.

How many hours did you work this week?

You've chosen a nice color paint for your room.

Where are you living now?

No sailboat is faster than this one.

The doctor seized the patient's hand and said: "So how do you feel today?"

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It is fortunate that we should have met such kind people.


I worked for her.

Get on your bike.

I don't know when the husband has called.


He was converted from his licentious living.

Mott walked into his house.

I want to know how many years you've studied French.


A creaking door hangs long on its hinges.


Can we bring him?


Almost all real numbers are indescribable.


We want them to stay and help.


The bike parked over there is my brother's.

Did he pass the exam?

Dick is my uncle, not my father.

That sure made me look stupid.

I think maybe that's all you have to do.


A lot of books are published every year.


This English essay is far from perfect.

I just feel so lost.

That's quite a theory.

If I were rich, I would study abroad, but as it is I can't do so.

What did he say to you?

He doesn't see the point in life.

I live within spitting distance of the subway station.


I see him on occasion.

The silent man seemed even more clumsy than usual, and drank champagne with regularity and determination out of sheer nervousness.

This is the stupidest thing I've ever done.

Did Izchak tell you what he told me?

I stretched out my hand for the book.


I wish Erick could see me now.

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She kindly listened to my request.


Let's try to get along.


Jim could hear whom she was phoning.

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You're cruel.

Look at that big hammer.

I thought Jisheng said it was a dog.

As a matter of course you must go there yourself.

"Will they be open this early in the morning?" "They'll let me in on sight."

You almost stepped on the dog's tail.

I think we're safe for a while.

Andorra is a small principality situated between Spain and France.

He has been working all day long.

Is this about her?

Myron is psyched.


The question is understandable.

You are laying in the bed.

I don't like this teacher; he always ignores my questions.

Are you planning to help them?

Shakespeare is as great a dramatist as ever lived.

As I read through the letters, I realized that the Pope was the true culprit.

Don't let Yvonne touch this.

You can't buy that.

It would take me too much time to explain to you why it's not going to work.


The pluviograph is broken.


What church do you attend?

This law is unjust.

Oliver was quite upset.

She let Piercarlo go.

His speech bored me.


George Bush went on a vacation with his wife.

I don't like the way you're looking at me.

These boxes are fragile.

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I saw the person I expected to be standing there.


Rumors of defeat were circulating.


Do you believe in life after death?


The district attorney is unwilling to proceed due to insufficient evidence.

I expected him to offer some help.

Srivatsan looks old for his age.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Vicky brought this.


Saxophonists often double on flutes, which have similar fingerings to their primary instruments.

Sometimes, doing the wrong thing is the right thing.

She played the piano accompaniment for a violin solo.


Don't make me come after you, Judy.

I can't believe he's single.

Kids make mistakes.


They are going to look after him.


Alvin looks like he's too tired to help us right now.

Soohong continued working after a short break.

We need a medic.

The reconstruction with a translation can be limited.

There used to be a big cherry tree behind my house.

You don't have to eat it if you don't want to.

Do you know how to play mahjong?


I didn't feel a thing.


Kent pretended to be a homeless person.

May I present Mr Hummer.

I want to be just like Jennie when I grow up.


I thought Sergeant just needed some more time.

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He was slow in putting his idea into practice.


I beg you to give me a little water.

This is how it works.

Nor is there any weapon of thought wherewith to defend.

It's quite remarkable.

You're out of your depth here.


I missed the airplane by a minute.


He asked me what had become of her.

I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they are personal pronouns.

Walking in the park, I found a baby bird.

This does me good.

People depend on me.

Speeding often causes car accidents.

Astronauts aboard the ISS do not feel the effects of gravity as we do on Earth.

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I handled it.

There's nothing else to talk about.

How are you today, Narendra?