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Thousands of PBR scans for games, visualization and VFX, with award-winning tools and integrations for your favorite apps.

    • Everything you need in the most diverse library ever.

      From concrete jungles to actual jungles, all in one place.

    • Prepared for Games, VFX, VR and Visualization.

      Megascans integrates with all modern tools and pipelines.

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    • World-class assets. In abundance.

      8K resolution, 32 bit precision, perfectly separated maps.

    Every type of scan.

    Thousands of 3D assets, tileable textures, vegetation, debris, atlases, brushes and decals. Spanning every category imaginable, from urban to nature environments all across the globe, with hundreds of new assets scanned every week.

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    The industry standard.

    Megascans is the definitive standardized content resource, with everything fully PBR calibrated, and all 3D scans consistently topologized, UV-mapped and LOD:ed. Because of this, it has already been adopted by all major AAA and VFX studios.

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    Oscar-winning quality.

    Megascans enables uncompromising quality and efficiency. It has helped studios speed up the creation of realistic scenery, such as MPC and its Megascans-based The Jungle Book environments, which won the 2017 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

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    Disney's Jungle Book
    • Complete ecosystems, meticulously curated.

      From the tiniest blade of grass to the largest cliff, everything covered.

    • Complete ecosystems, meticulously curated.

      From the tiniest blade of grass to the largest cliff, everything covered.

    • Complete ecosystems, meticulously curated.

      From the tiniest blade of grass to the largest cliff, everything covered.

    It just works.

    Whether in Games, VFX, Archviz, Automotive or VR/AR, you will benefit massively from incorporating Megascans into your pipeline. Get a head-start with all assets available day 1, and save time by leveraging the best assets and simplest tools available.

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    Including Megascans Bridge.

    Browse the entire online or offline Megascans library right inside Bridge, and batch export fully shaded assets with a single click to your favorite application. What’s more, Megascans assets are fully compatible with any modern real-time engine, modelling app and renderer.


    Including Quixel Mixer (Beta).

    Take full creative control of your scans with powerful material mixing to quickly create your own custom library of scan-based tileables. Instant material authoring, zero learning curve, included with your subscription.

    *Previously Megascans Studio
    • “Megascans empowers even small teams like ours to achieve the levels of quality and realism that have traditionally been the exclusive privilege of large AAA productions”

      — Veselin Efremov, Creative Director - Unity Demo Team

    • “Megascans is the best value I’ve seen for top quality PBR assets and has set THE bar for high quality material libraries”

      — Matt Walker, Production Manager at Capcom

    • “Megascans has become an indispensable resource when building photorealistic environments”

      — Damien Fagnou, CTO at MPC Film / The Jungle Book

    • “Megascans were a lifesaver for our production. They were the only way to create high quality environments quickly and with little effort”

      — Veselin Efremov, Creative Director at Unity Technologies

    • “Megascans provides the highest quality source material with intuitive tools to combine, permute and create unique new content”

      — Tom Burlington, Technical Art Director at Bungie

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    to help shape some of the biggest games and movies of the last year.

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