Chart 1 Gold 1883 to 1998, Chart 2 Gold 1995 to Present

Which would you prefer a century and a half of stable values (1781 to 1968) or a half century of increasingly volitile values (1970 to present)?

The two charts use different scales. Examine the overlap years 1995 to 1998. What looks like a sharp drop at the end of Chart 1 from
380.00 about Jan 96 to 350 about Nov 97 (~1998) is spread out horizontally and compressed vertically from Chart 1 to Chart 2
so they look different though the data is the same. The vertical distance that is 100.00 per ounce on Chart 1 is 300.00 per ounce
in Chart 2 AND 90 years on Chart 1 is 8 years on Chart 2. Compare the 3 years that are shown on both charts.
The last change on Chart 1 IS THE SAME change from about 400 to 250 shown on both charts.

If Chart 1 had started in 1776 the stable straight line from 1833 to 1923 would have extended from 1776 to 1923. The rise in 1933
occurred as gold was "revalued" during the US bankruptcy.

The rise in dollar valuation of gold that occurred in 1970 and since has been due to the complete disconnection of the dollar from any
gold and silver coin as required in our The Constitution of the United States in 1787 as futher limitations on the Articles of
Confederation and Perpetual Union as drafted in 1776 and ratified in 1781.