Gene probably knows what Noam is planning to do.

Does anyone have a map?

My apprehensions turned out to be justified.

I walk a lot, because it's healthy.

The wedding reception will take place in Montmartre.

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May I use the toilet?


He enjoys engaging in macabre activities such as dissecting animal corpses and stalking people on the street at night.

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He is about to leave.

In 1984, Coke started using HFCS instead of sugar.

Who is acting as head?

It is not his illness that ruined him so much as his idleness.

To put it frankly, he is a critic rather than a writer.

Well, you can't.

I saw how he fled from here.


Many children in Wisconsin play hockey in the winter.

You are always making excuses for not doing your share of the work.

Benjamin died a few weeks later.

Deborah didn't bother to answer.

Many transgender people experience gender dysphoria.

Just tell Glenn I called.

Just let me handle it, OK?

I took my camera along.

Someone's sitting in my seat.

Lorenzo knew he'd said too much.

Ted never killed anyone.

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I'd like you to tell me what happened.


She is very popular with the clients.

Kathleen works with mentally handicapped adults.

You really believe in ghosts?

Water bleeds through paper towel is if it were a sieve.

This new technology is amazing.


Do you have to do that right now?


I never put sugar in my coffee.

Many European people are aware of environmental problems.

Dan almost got away with it.

Rice is grown in many parts of the world.

I'm going to stop at this hotel for the night.

I've made so many mistakes.

I want you to find out if Sumitro is planning to come here by himself.


Lou will become a good soccer player some day.

This is the epiphany I've been waiting for!

We shouted for help, but no one came.

I think she really believes it.

Ben has gone camping.

Howard will probably win the race.

Love and friendship are mutually exclusive.

She wouldn't give him a gift.

There were almost no cars in the parking lot.

I'm absolutely furious.

Which one will they choose?


We have to paint the bathroom ceiling.

Leif spent an hour shoveling the driveway.

I know him but he doesn't know me.

Did you see any Native Americans in Canada?

Have dinner with me tomorrow.

I thought they were all Canadians.

Every privilege carries responsibility with it.

So, are you going to help me or not?

Tears began to roll down her cheeks.

Laurie is supposed to be here by now.

On seeing this, I can't help thinking: Can the residents of Beijing keep up with such a pace?

The problem will be on the carpet at the next meeting.

He was happy being a Jew.


I simply invited him.

Emma applied for a passport.

Would you please send this letter by airmail?

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How's your business going?

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Version 1.5.0 of the software has just been released.

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I'm just fucking with you, man. You've paid your taxes on time! You can leave if you want.

I know how piggy feels, He starves without missing a meal.

The job will take a minimum of ten days.

Flavio is in his senior year of high school.

Latin America is one of the world's most unequal regions.

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Those shoes do not go with the suit.

I'm in really good shape.

Do I need to be at the meeting on Monday?

Maybe I could help.

We're going to have fun, too.

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Some birds can imitate the human voice.

This bridge used to be a toll bridge.

She made it clear that she didn't like him.

Discretion is a rare and important virtue.

She has a son.


The turnover was 500 million shares.

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For centuries Cracow was the capital of Poland.

I caught the ball with one hand.

Bud was as naked as a jaybird.


London's climate differs from that of Tokyo.


Do you know who killed her?

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The pond is 3 meters deep.


My university has dormitories.

Brandy sang better than usual tonight.

The large intestine is about 1.5m long.

You could've been hurt.

How is the @ sign pronounced in your language?

There are many people who can do the same as you.

I need to get a hold of him.

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How come you never told me this before?

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Did Laurianne say where he was going?


Micah smiled back at Radek.

My cat is suffering from the heat.

After all, having an erection the entire day is strange, isn't it?


That which is easily acquired is easily lost.


She broke into tears.

Cathryn is sitting on the front porch, reading a book.

The Arabian peninsula has long been accepted as the original Semitic Urheimat by a majority of scholars.

I'm British.

I can't do that to them.

You should make your own decisions.

He went to the United States to study English.


He is taking his final exam.

I never regretted the choices I made.

I wonder what it tastes like.

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Fletcher will probably forgive you if you apologize.

Martha came out of the bathroom with only a towel on.

I went to the cinema yesterday.

I just got a text from her.

Nothing came up.

Are you going to talk to me?

The dictionary on the desk is Steven's.

Could you hear what was being said?

Taking a taxi is a luxury for me.

You have gained weight.

Pasta is Fernando's province.


I shave my beard every morning.

Allow me to properly introduce myself first.

Shift the sofa so that it faces the fireplace.

What time does the train arrive?

Mom, Rick's hitting me!

Give me a break!

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!


The river Ganges is considered sacred to Hindus.

They're surrounding us.

Don't run around the pool.


Writing English for me has nothing whatsoever to do with England. You have to detach this international language from its land of origin.

No one wants to feel stupid.

It's freezing cold in here.

She tried to keep away from him.

We've had nice weather for a while now.

He is very fond of eating.

She seemed to be very keen on music.


I've been away far too long.

There's a great view from the rooftop of that building. Want to go see?

Hirotoshi should be coming with us.

He responded very quickly to my letter.

Stop daydreaming.

You should have been more prudent.

I'm feeling a little blue today.

Isaac called yesterday morning.

It's too far away to walk from here.


I need eyes here! Somebody get over here and spot him now!


Dimitry held onto the rope.


We will add new names to our list.

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He's so annoying!

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We're going to have to ask for Stan's help.

Our granddaughter was born two days ago.

Kylo left step-by-step instructions for the person who would be filling in for him while he was on leave.

He is much better than you.

Are we supposed to help them?


He would often sit for hours doing nothing.