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The IE Center for Research and Networking for Families in Business represents IE’s commitment to adding value to business families on a global scale. This process relies on over a decade of excellence in research in the field of family businesses, a management team with extensive experience and effective training in classrooms where leaders of great business families have studied. An authentic community of strategic reflection, whose vision extends from the family to the world.

A renewed vision of business families.

Families in Business at IE offers an innovative look at family businesses, based on:

  • Their competitive advantages in disruptive environments.
  • The family’s differential values beyond the business.
  • The impact of diversity.
  • The involvement of NextGen in the future of the business.

All of this is complemented by IE’s pragmatic focus, and enriched by the emphasis on the humanities, digital transformation and entrepreneurship.


With an executive team led by Carlos Mas—who is highly experienced in the family business management and in interaction with entrepreneurial families—and an extensive international network and cutting-edge research initiatives led by Professor Cristina Cruz, Families in Business at IE focuses on everything that adds value to the business family:


In a disruptive setting, family businesses are at an advantage; the duality of objectives grants valuable competitive advantages, as well as a high capacity for managing inconsistencies. These factors make family businesses resilient organizations, able to excel in ever-changing environments.


The legacy and reputation of a family business contribute to its value; emotional richness, together with good management, leads to the family’s business success. Families in Business at IE also places an emphasis on NextGen and its emphasis on the entrepreneurial mindset and family values ahead of the control and management of the business.


NextGen is one of the main focuses of study at Families in Business at IE. Recognizing the family members’ most developed skills and taking advantage of their diversity are key components for the optimization of business roles and for facing future challenges. Members of family businesses who have received their training at IE represent a new generation, capable of launching, innovating and reinventing in today’s dynamic market.

The 3 pillars of Families in Business at IE


Generate impactful and innovative knowledge surrounding strategic issues for Families in Business participants.


Promote the development of relevant and specialized training for business families and their groups of interest.


Create a network of strategic contacts for Families in Business participants based on shared interests.

Families In Business


Collaborative impact initiatives. Families in Business at IE shares ideas and develops projects with strategic partners, allowing us to enhance knowledge and impact the areas most relevant to business families. If you would like to collaborate and progress together, contact us.

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